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Maddie Platt

Maddie Platt

Senior Marketing Executive
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Maddie Platt

Senior Marketing Executive

Tell us about your role

In September 2022, I was promoted to Senior Marketing Executive and my role is hugely varied – which I love! You’ll find me in orange at conferences, exhibitions and awards ceremonies, organising and hosting events like our monthly Conscious Conversations, managing our social media accounts, writing content for our marketing materials and website and providing valuable resources and content to our clients.

What’s your favourite Conscious value and why?

All of the values at Conscious sum us up well, but my favourite value and the one I see nearly every day is generosity. Whether you need to bounce an idea off someone’s expertise, some extra support with a task or someone to take over so you can have some time out, the whole team at Conscious and the management structure allows that.  This means we can provide our clients with the best services possible.

Tell us about your life outside of Conscious

As you can see from the array of pictures on my profile, my life pretty much revolves around my springer spaniel Dora. She’s full of energy ALL the time, so I spend a lot of my time outdoors exploring new places and finding quiet beaches so she can go for a swim and enjoy nature. Pre-Dora, I liked to travel to more exotic places and have been lucky enough to spend time in Costa Rica and on safari in South Africa to name a couple of my favourite trips. If I’m not on holiday or spending time with Dora, you’ll find me trying out the endless amazing restaurants in Bristol.

Marketing is always changing, and there’s always something new to learn about or try. I’ve found working within an agency the most beneficial way in understanding all of the trends, updates and tools available to marketers as the Conscious experts can teach me the best way to do things which means I can spend my time in the most effective way. Let us become your sounding board too!

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