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At Conscious, we have over 20 years of experience in helping law firms become more successful online. That’s right, we only work with law firms.

We have been working with law firms of all sizes to help them design, build, run, and maximise the return on investment of their digital marketing.  Whether designing a new responsive website, improving search engine rankings or implementing a PPC campaign, everything we do is to improve your online presence. 

Ours is a full-service solution – you need a blend of sophisticated technology with a library of professionally written legal content and a range of marketing techniques, both online and offline.  This allows you to pick and choose which services you require depending on your existing resources, both in-house and outsourced.

Our team consist of a diverse range of individuals, from those who have previously worked within a law firm to those who have studied marketing, to journalism and engineering and those who joined the team as apprentices and have stuck around.

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  • 24%
  • of our team have been with us for over 10 years.
  • 52%
  • of our team have been with us for over five years.
  • 20
  • years is how long we've been helping law firms become more successful online.

See how we help clients become more successful online

The Conscious team take part in regular training opportunities internally and externally to ensure they are fully up to date on all industry knowledge, guidelines and best practices because we have one goal in mind: to help your law firm become more successful online.

Conscious is a:

There’s nothing quite like the reaction from a law firm the first time you show them the design of a fabulous new website. Same thing when a successful marketing campaign demonstrates a real return on investment. The first time you get a complimentary email from one of your clients or referrers is a great moment for you and thus for us.

It is reactions and results like this that drive us.

Who we work with


We carry a £1,000,000 Professional Indemnity insurance policy as well as all the other standard employer policies that you would expect us to have.

Founded by David Gilroy & Andy Osborne in 2003, as part of the SETsquared incubator, which was fundamental to our success, Conscious has gone from strength to strength and now offers a variety of digital marketing solutions to law firms. 

Our business is profitable, employs 49 full-time staff based in the UK and Sri Lanka, and in the financial year ending December 2023, we had a turnover of £2.95m.

Still unconvinced? View our credentials document for further information

What Matt says...

Having a flexible employer means that if I ever need extra time to get something done, I know I can fit it in and make the time up later. Whether it’s a dentist appointment, a driving lesson or I need time to trawl around Bristol to buy a present for someone, I don’t have to stress about squeezing it in before or after work or at the weekends. I also get to work from home whenever I want which makes balancing my home life a lot easier (and I don’t have to pay for a dog walker!)

Matt Nicholls, Search Marketing Manager