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Most of us these days spend time online and on social media consuming news, so PR is now much more than advertorials, crisis communications, and printed news coverage. Whilst these are still reputable marketing techniques, Digital PR is all about forming partnerships with journalists, providing them with angles and commentary to help them write their stories.

Conscious is making these techniques possible for law firms so they can boost their brand image and improve their reach to potential clients.

A digital PR strategy includes carefully crafting a story based on current trends, laws, news, data sets, and pop culture. These stories are then summarised in landing pages, press releases and emails to send to journalists.

By sharing these angles with relevant journalists, we are exposing our clients to the biggest (and smallest) news sites in the world, with the potential for coverage.

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  • 3 in 5
  • digital PR campaigns achieve at least one piece of coverage.
  • 40%
  • is the average email open rate for our emails to journalists.
  • 32
  • pieces of coverage is the most coverage we achieved for a client from one campaign.

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So, what is digital PR and why should my law firm care?

A digital PR strategy is used to increase brand awareness and improve the online visibility of law firms. It is a great way to become a thought leader in your service area, build trust and credibility with potential clients, and improve your website’s SEO (search engine optimisation) too.

At Conscious we use three types of digital PR strategies to help law firms become more successful online. These include reactive campaigns, expert commentary, and data-led campaigns.

In addition to these PR strategies, guest post-link-building is also used as part of our SEO strategy, where we provide well-written article ideas to relevant blog sites linking back to a law firm’s website.  

These PR strategies work together to improve your law firm’s rankings in the search engine results pages, bring your firm to the front of clients’ minds, and showcase your firm’s knowledge and expertise.

There are many benefits to carrying out a digital PR strategy for your law firm including:

  • More brand mentions: this is when your brand name is mentioned on a news site, in line with your study or commentary.
  • More links to your site: the journalist may see fit to link to your website as credit for your help with their story. A link from a reputable news site can help you gain potential clients through clicks and SEO.
  • Improve online visibility: Relevant topical coverage helps improve website authority to boost Google rankings.
  • Building trust and familiarity: consistent coverage can help to boost your image to prospective clients, either in your local area or via search engines.
  • Thought leadership: your legal experts will become thought leaders in your field.
  • Improve SEO: the above all result in your law firm ranking higher in the search engines for relevant search terms, and therefore being found more regularly by potential clients.

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Why choose Conscious for your law firms Digital PR?

The digital PR team is led by Head of Digital PR, Joanna Cunningham and campaigns are executed by Digital PR Executive Megan Gibbs.

Digital PR helps to establish your firm’s authority in a specific area, so if you are looking to bring more users to your website, improve your firm’s brand awareness and showcase your expertise, this is a digital marketing strategy for you. The Digital PR team at Conscious will work collaboratively with your law firm to create interesting research and write a compelling story based on the data, expert commentary or thought leadership your firm possesses. 

According to research carried out by the Law Firm Marketing Club in 2022, law firms investing time in PR has dropped, but this presents an opportunity:  with fewer law firms investing time in it, there is less competition for you to be the thought leader in your service area.

There are many different ways to measure the success of a digital PR campaign, but we mainly measure success through:

  • Number of brand mentions
  • Number of pieces of coverage
  • Number of links to the client site

This means we can measure the success and effectiveness of your Digital PR campaigns.

Digital PR is a fast-growing field of marketing, so it’s something that law firms should jump on now to get ahead of the curve, become a known expert in the industry and boost website SEO in the process

Digital PR for Law Firms FAQs

What are your digital PR services?

We use three types of PR strategies to improve the online visibility of our clients. These are reactive PR, data-led campaigns, and expert commentary campaigns. Find out more about these PR strategies here. We also use guest post outreach link-building to improve the domain rating (DR) of our clients’ websites.

What is domain rating?

Domain Rating or DR is a metric used by Ahrefs to determine the relative strength of a website’s backlink profile. This can also be referred to as Domain Authority (DA), which is the metric used by Moz.

What is link building?

Simply put, link building is the process of getting other websites to link back to your website. The act of attaining these links - especially on sites that have high DRs and relevant themes to the client helps to improve client authority over time. This can eventually lead to a boost in search engine rankings.

What is the difference between traditional PR and digital PR?

Traditional PR has historically included printed newspaper and magazine, television, and radio coverage. In comparison, digital PR encompasses obtaining guest posts on other websites, online news coverage, creating online linkable content like infographics and blogs, and PR campaigns.

Both are excellent strategies for your law firm, but digital PR techniques can provide accessible and understandable metrics compared to traditional techniques. What’s more, in a world where online is becoming the norm, a digital PR strategy is very beneficial. Find out more about traditional PR vs digital PR here.

Whilst we specialise in digital PR, please get in touch if you aren’t sure whether digital PR or traditional PR is right for your law firm.

I want to get news coverage, is digital PR a strategy for my law firm?

Yes! With digital PR, we help your law firm to get coverage on online news platforms.

How can I measure the success of my digital PR campaign?

There are many ways to tangibly measure the success of your digital PR campaign, alongside the benefits of improving brand awareness and become a thought leader in your industry. Some of these include measuring the number of links or brand mentions, and improved traffic and search engine rankings. Find out more about how we measure the success of digital PR strategies here.

What is the difference between a link and a brand mention?

A brand mention is when a website cites your brand name within their content. A link is when the website sources you by including a link to your website within their article. The two can accompany one another.

How does a Digital PR campaign work?

Our Digital PR team keep up to date with current industry news, debates, and law changes, as well as pop culture topics and data releases. They spend time brainstorming campaign ideas for our clients based on this research, and come up with various story ideas and angles from this. The team then work collaboratively with our client to decide on a campaign idea that would work best for them. The team then finalise their news angles (which may sometimes require data handling to find interesting statistical stories), write relevant landing pages, press releases, and emails, build contact lists, and send the stories to relevant journalists.

Do you do local PR?

Yes. A very effective method of digital PR is to provide local news angles on behalf of our clients, and pitching these to local news sites. For example, we may find statistics from a reputable source for a specific location, create a newsworthy angle from this, and approach local journalists with the story. This can help to boost the client’s search rankings and brand image in their local area.

Can you guarantee news coverage for us?

No. The nature of digital PR means we cannot guarantee a campaign achieves news coverage. However, the more consistent we are with executing digital PR campaigns for our clients, the more likely we are to achieve coverage through understanding the client’s needs and services more clearly and building a rapport with journalists in the field.

Will you require input from the client to make digital PR work?

Yes. Although we will do the bulk of the work, including writing up any quotations for approval, the client will be required to approve ideas and content promptly for us to move forward with our campaigns.

What our clients say

We have also offered expert commentary on a range of topics, proving we have the expertise and knowledge to support our clients. The team at Conscious are resourceful, knowledgeable and collaborative, and I know they strive to achieve the best results for our firm.

Umar Zeb, Senior Partner & Lisa Nicol, Managing Partner - JD Spicer Zeb

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