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Conscious Pod


For our April Fools prank in 2023, one of our team members came up with the ingenious idea of the ‘Unconscious Podcast,’ where you can absorb the knowledge of our team by listening to our podcast whilst asleep. Slightly ridiculous? Absolutely! But was it the push to create our real podcast? It was!

From general marketing advice through to guidance on specific skills and industry tips from our team and guest appearances from legal industry personalities, the Conscious Pod covers all you need to know for your law firm marketing and operations.

The Conscious Pod

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Our most recent episode:

Legal copywriting and AI with Head of Content Georgia Davies.

In this episode of The Conscious Pod, Senior Marketing Exec Maddie Platt is joined by Head of Content Georgia Davies to discuss all things legal sector copywriting regarding AI.

AI has been thrust into our lives, and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere. So, how can law firms embrace AI, what are the risks they need to be aware of, and how is AI going to evolve in legal sector copywriting in 2024? Georgia discusses her top tips and best practices in this episode of The Conscious Pod.