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Help! I’m an Introvert, and I don’t like Networking…

Thursday 27 June @ 2pm 

Charlie Lawson, Unnatural Success

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We all know that we should network. But what if you find it hard to talk to people? What if you’d rather not go networking at all? In this talk, you’ll hear how self-confessed unnatural networker Charlie Lawson approaches networking, and he’ll show you how you can remove the fear so that you can a) enjoy networking and b) develop real results from your efforts.


He’ll be sharing 5 ways to build a better legal business using your network, so whether you’re interested in bringing in new business, retaining existing clients, or building your own personal brand, this is the session for you.


Charlie Lawson is a very Unnatural Networker. Most experts talk about networking as though it is easy to talk to strangers. Charlie helps other Unnatural Networkers gain confidence by putting networking across from the point of view of someone who’d rather avoid it completely.


His first book, The Unnatural Networker, was released in 2014, and has helped countless business owners learn how to network effectively. His second book, The Unnatural Promoter, was released in 2021, and focuses on helping people that don't like to blow their own trumpet to be brilliant at self-promotion.


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