Legal Sector Advisers & Suppliers Conference (LSAS)

What is the LSAS Conference?

First run in 2017, LSAS was the brainchild of David Gilroy and Chris Bull. It's a conference aimed at suppliers to the legal sector to get together and learn from each other and compare notes on the sector.  Everyone pays their own way.

What’s the structure of the day?

This is up to you as the delegates provide all the content. Once you have booked a ticket, you can decide whether you would like to submit an idea for a talk. Once all talk ideas have been submitted, delegates will vote for which speakers they would like to hear from.  There must be 'NO selling from stage'.  If you do, WhatsApp will go mental with other delegates whinging about you.

The conference starts at 09:30 with dinner the evening AFTER the day and then everyone gets up the next day and leaves.


Tuesday 22 October 2024.


Ardencote, The Cumsey, Lye Green Road, Warwick, CV35 8LT.

The cost?

  • Full conference including dinner, overnight stay and entertainment £235 plus VAT + Eventbrite fee
  • Conference, lunch and dinner £155 plus VAT + Eventbrite fee
  • Conference and lunch £115 plus VAT + Eventbrite fee

Book your ticket here.

If you'd like to stay overnight on Monday evening, please contact Maddie Platt.

Got more questions?

Email Maddie Platt and we'll answer them as best we can.


There can be no 'selling from stage' as we said earlier; you can't just stand on stage with your standard 'sales deck' and proceed to teach the delegates what you do.  That's what dinner in the evening, drinks in the bar and breaks on Tuesday are for.  You need to be educational, entertaining or inspirational. Teach people something they do not know.

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