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Legal Sector Advisers & Suppliers Conference (LSAS)

Legal Sector Advisers & Suppliers Conference (LSAS)

What’s the structure of the day?

This is up to you. Once you have booked a ticket, you can decide whether you would like to submit a talk. Once all the tickets are booked, everyone can vote which speakers they would like to hear from.

The conference starts at 09:45 with dinner the evening AFTER the day and then everyone gets up the next day and leaves.

No law firms in the room

Well, this bit is not quite true. We are having a ‘panel’ session of law firms telling us suppliers what they want from us, how they want to be treated etc.  No confirmed speakers yet.  There is a list below of the presenters & presentations who were 'voted for' last year.


We don’t know yet. You can select the dates you can make (this is not a commitment to pay yet) at https://doodle.com/poll/9mdfuriq9n7mius8


We don’t know yet. For the last two years, we have held it at the lovely Ardencote Manor near Warwick.

The cost?

There are two options :-

a) Conference/Lunch/Dinner/Entertainment/Bed/Breakfast/ @ £190.00 + VAT & booking fee

b) Conference/Lunch @ £95.00 + VAT & booking fee

Interested in attending?

Email Katie Blake and we'll update you as things progress


There can be no 'selling from stage'! You cannot just stand on stage with your standard 'sales deck' and proceed to teach the delegates what you do.  That's what dinner in the evening, drinks in the bar and breaks on Tuesday are for.  You need to be educational, entertaining or inspirational. Teach people something they do not know.