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Conscious Solutions.....we "don't seriously suck"

That is paraphrasing what Anour Taylor, Client Services Exec said in Slack when he showed up on 4 January having had a nice break over Christmas.  His actual words were:

Just want to say here that it is genuinely a pleasure to come back to work after time off, I have had some jobs that seriously suck - and I’m glad to say this is not one of them! 

Oh, and his Christmas break was spent in Phoenix, AZ and it was an extended break as he was working from there before and after the actual break.  Work is a thing you do, not a place you go!

So, if you are fed up with what you are doing, or just looking for a change. Well, could we be the answer? We are always on the lookout for bright, articulate, motivated people to join our team.  As well as your operational team in the role you will be doing, you will also be supported by a Wellbeing Team who have Mental Health First Aid training as well as a Fun Team....they have had training of a different kind ;-)

When you apply, you'll be asked about any adjustments you might need to support the recruitment process. Let us know, and we'll be sure to discuss it with you.


43 percent female 57 percent male

Having gender balance as a team is important. We work hard at balance in all its guises, but this one in particular

49 percent with us over 5 years 19 percent with us over 10 years

We work hard to retain our staff and if we cannot, then you join a network of alumni of whom we are very proud.

At 5 years you get a one-off extra week off, at 10 years it's a one-off two weeks.

26 are 35 or younger and 11 are 36 or older

Whatever your age, hopefully you'll find a work buddy. We hire for attitude and teach skill. Oh, but you've got to have 'some skills', obviously!

One of our sayings here is "work is a thing you do, not a place you go" which means we have always had a healthy flexible approach to working, but don’t just take our word for it.

Flexa have verified us, which means they had a good look behind the orange curtain, they have spoken to some of the team, examined our policies and gave us a giant green ‘F’. That is a positive F meaning we are ‘Flexified’.  And, in early 2022 we made it to #33 on their Top 100 list.

With benefits like welcoming our four-legged friends into the office, generous holiday allowances, two paid charity days a year, full medical insurance plus a bunch of other benefits, Conscious may just be the right place for you.

As of November 2021, we are a Living Wage Employer. This means that we pay our staff a wage that meets everyday needs. The real Living Wage is based on the cost of living and is voluntarily paid by nearly 9,000 UK employers.


Hear from our Alumni

Take a look at what some former team members thought of us and how we helped their career. 

Want to Earn £400?

If you refer someone to us and they pass their three-month probation then we'll give you £400.  Cold hard cash if you want.  C'mon, have a think, who do you know who might fit the bill?



No Agencies

We don't want to sound like we have anything against recruitment companies as we know ourselves how hard telesales can be. However, as we're a small company we prefer our potential staff to find us; research our company; learn about us, and then contact us rather than all the groundwork being done for them.