Hear from our alumni

These former team members have all gone on to bigger and better things.  

Have a look at our alumni and see what they thought about working here and how it helped them with their career. Fancy a change? Take a look at our current vacancies and see if you fit the bill. 

Matt Elson 

"Conscious was a wonderful platform to launch my sales & marketing career. With great support, I was able to develop numerous skills during my 4 years with the company that, to this day, I still use in my current role now as a Marketing Manager. I had lots of opportunities to grow through telemarketing, networking, events & eventually direct sales pitches - I am still very grateful to David for mentoring me throughout my time at Conscious, there was a great team spirit and I have kept in touch with a number of people from my time there.” 
Then - Telemarketing Executive
Now - Marketing Manager, IKEN Business Ltd

Tess Henderson

"During my time at Conscious, I learned many important skills that propelled my marketing career forwards. I was taught how to use a CRM system effectively, developed my social media skills through Hootsuite, created successful email campaigns through MailChimp and SuiteCRM and played a big role in creating the Conscious Magazine. I also experienced the legal industry outside of the office at conferences and awards ceremonies; these events helped build my events management and communication skills. Conscious allowed me to be hands-on, continuously learning and developing within a fun and welcoming environment." 
Then - Marketing Executive
Now - Social Media Manager, InvestIN Education

Sarah Trude

"I genuinely enjoyed my 6 years at Conscious and I know I developed strong management skills and excellent presentation skills as a result of being there. I was home based but never felt isolated and always received solid constructive feedback from David. The business was relatively new when I joined and helping it grow and being part of its success was definitely a career highlight. Excellence is a daily demand at Conscious and it makes you raise your game, until excellence becomes your norm. I know it has had an impact on my forward development and I know I’m a more rounded professional because of my time there. Do it – take the orange pledge!"
Then - Business Development Manager
Now - Founder & Managing Director @TheDICEApp; Enterprise Sales, SourceWhale 

What our team say

Having a flexible employer means that if I ever need extra time to get something done, I know I can fit it in and make the time up later. Whether it’s a dentist appointment, a driving lesson or I need time to trawl around Bristol to buy a present for someone, I don’t have to stress about squeezing it in before or after work or at the weekends. I also get to work from home whenever I want which makes balancing my home life a lot easier (and I don’t have to pay for a dog walker!)

Matt Nicholls, Search Marketing Manager