How do you promote a small law firm?

How do you promote a small law firm?

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Digital marketing should be high on your list of priorities as a small law firm. Digital marketing can be a low-cost way to increase brand awareness, drive more traffic to your website and convert more clients. The tactics don’t differ greatly from that of bigger law firms and can still be implemented with a smaller budget.

We’ve identified some law firm digital marketing tactics in this blog post that will help to promote your small law firm.

A responsive and user-friendly law firm website

One of our mantras at Conscious is, ‘It’s not just about having a good-looking website, it’s about what you do with it once you’ve got it’ and this is where the structure, call to action (CTA) buttons and responsiveness come in. 

As a small law firm, a responsive and mobile-friendly website will be key to giving potential clients a good first impression and leaving them feeling satisfied. You might not have as much budget for a fancy website with lots of images, and videos and you might have a small team who can’t be regularly updating your website. This means your website needs to be built with your clients in mind from the outset. 

By this, we mean your website should load quickly, should be mobile-friendly, should be easy to navigate and CTAs should be clear with a coherent structure. This is the best way to get potential clients to convert. Getting these things right will help to promote a small law firm.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for law firms

SEO is a great tool for small law firms because it doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. But what it does require is time. By investing time in your SEO strategy you can get your law firm to appear higher up on the search engine results pages (SERPs) on Google and other search engines for specific queries. This all helps promote your website on search engines when potential clients are searching for a lawyer or law firm. 

Paid Advertising for law firms

Paid advertising can be a great way to promote a small law firm, but it does require some budget. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a great strategy for a small law firm to build brand awareness if your firm currently deals with very local matters. 

Since the pandemic, there is less of a need to go into a law firm’s office to instruct them to do work, so you can reach wider audiences and larger areas. A PPC campaign for the right queries can therefore get your law firm in front of new audiences. 

Email marketing for law firms

Email marketing is still a great way to promote the services your law firm offers. You are likely to already have permission to email existing clients via your Engagement Letter, so you can use email marketing to showcase the other services you offer that might be relevant to them, events that could be useful and other company news to build a stronger connection with these clients. You could send out a monthly or quarterly newsletter to your audiences to remind them that you are there. 

Social media for law firms

Law firm social media marketing doesn’t need to break the bank. There are lots of free tools out there that can support your law firm in getting the most out of its digital marketing. Social media is a great way to showcase the services your firm offers, show potential employees what it’s like to work at your firm and build awareness in your local community. 

There are lots of tools out there to support your law firm’s social media including Canva as a graphic creation tool, Buffer as a free scheduling tool and platform features too so it is definitely a good way to promote a small or large law firm. Posting consistently is the key to seeing results, however.

In this blog post, Social Media Manager Sophia Stancer discusses five social media ideas for law firms, and these could be relevant to your small law firm as well. 

And, create a personal brand on LinkedIn

If your firm doesn’t have time for company social media pages, working on your own personal LinkedIn profile and creating a personal brand is an excellent alternative. People rarely connect with company brands anyway, so by optimising your personal LinkedIn and showcasing yours and the firm’s values, you can really begin to form connections with potential clients and other contacts who might refer work to you. 

We’ve previously led a training webinar on this topic so if you’d like to watch the recording of this, click here.

Digital PR for law firms

As well as social media and SEO, digital PR doesn’t have to cost you any money, but it does require a story, time to create and follow up on the story and a level of understanding about what journalists are looking for and resonate with. But it can be a very successful tool for your small law firm in raising awareness of the firm and increasing your firm’s domain rating (DR) too. 

Your website's DR is a score out of 100 that tells Google and other search engines how authoritative your website is and can help your firm to show up higher on the SERPs. This means that you might be found by more potential clients through Google.

Events for law firms

Networking and attending local and legal sector events are great places to promote your law firm’s services, and these don’t always cost hundreds of pounds if your budget is small. 

Start with business networking events, or find out about local initiatives your firm might be able to get involved in. A Rotary Club might be a good place to start and there are over 46,000 of them worldwide.  Or what about a local BNI group?

Other webinars and membership organisations could be valuable too. If you are looking for training webinars on digital marketing, we offer free monthly webinars that will help your law firm to become more successful online. Find out about our upcoming sessions here.

Is your small law firm ready to start promoting its services?

Of course, a law firm that incorporates many of these different tactics in its marketing strategy is going to see better results, but in isolation, these tactics will all help you to promote a small law firm and drive new enquiries. 

If you think your law firm’s marketing needs some support, get in touch with the team at or 0117 325 0200