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Training Webinars

Training Webinars

Our training webinars running via Zoom, have now finished.

If you are a client, you can access the recorded webinars and presentations via the Conscious Extranet. Please click the link, register your details using your business email address and you will be given access to the webinars within 24 hours. 

Previous Law Firm Marketing Webinars

Date & TimeTitle / DescriptionTrainer
30-Mar @ 12noonLocal SEO - An Overview

The latest algorithm updates and effects on the legal industry. Key ranking factors, such as: proximity, relevance, authority & expertise, user experience. Also, other ranking factors, such as Google My Business, citations, page signals, link signals, review signals, social signals, user behaviour. Applying SEO to your blog posts, service and contact pages and recommended free SEO tools and how to use them.

Chris Mundy
20-Apr @ 12noonSocial Media - An Overview

Laura Morris, our Social Media Manager will introduce you to social media. Being a social media master doesn’t happen overnight. Let Laura guide you through the world of social media focusing on: Auditing your social media channels, building your following on social media and creating a content calendar for social media.

Laura will also be exploring all of the social media channels you can use for your marketing as well as the different types of social media tools you can use.

Laura Morris
22-Apr @ 12noonNational SEO - An Overview

Let Jamie Stevens, Search Marketing Manager introduce you to National SEO focusing on, what we mean by ‘national’ compared to ‘local’; why content siloing is so important; how to write good content for SEO, how to use and set up goals in Google Analytics and how to use Google Search Console.

Jamie Stevens
27-Apr @ 12noonMarketing Strategy & ROI

Are there 4Ps or 5Ps in a law firm’s marketing mix? Do you have a clear marketing strategy that supports the overall business plan for your law firm? And how has that strategy changed since COVID-19 struck? How much does it cost you to acquire a new client, or a new matter from an existing client? How are you tracking the return on investment from your marketing spend? Without knowing those figures how can you effectively plan for growth?

David Gilroy
29-Apr @ 12noonBuilding Relationships in a Digital World

Whether it’s email, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram we all have ‘relationships’ in the digital world. In this session David will draw on over 20 years of working in the legal & digital sectors and bring his experience to bear showing you what has worked and what has bombed. Oh, and share some horror stories that he’s seen & collected along the way. David will inform, entertain and inspire you.

David Gilroy & Sahra-Marie Tulloch
4-May @ 12noonPPC - How paid search marketing works

Let Colin Harrison, Paid Search Manager introduce you to PPC focusing on how to measure your return on advertising spend (ROAS) and the metrics you should be monitoring that will give you insights to help grow your law firm online. We will also look at third-party tools such as Ruler Analytics that will let you track your ROAS even better.

Colin Harrison
6-May @ 12noonEmail Marketing

Let David Gilroy, our Managing Director introduce you to email marketing. Being an email marketing master doesn’t happen overnight. Email marketing and newsletters are an extremely vital and powerful component to have in your marketing mix. Make sure you get up to scratch and stay ‘front of mind’ with your clients. This session will explore how/where you can get data from, how to segment your audiences, will discuss the various email marketing platforms available and mistakes to avoid.

David Gilroy
11-May @ 12noonCopywriting for Humans and Google

In this webinar, we will look at how to write content that works for search engines and for real people reading it, so you end up with more of the type of clients you want contacting you. Effective copywriting doesn’t just happen by magic, it takes research, skill and hard work.

Ed Prior
13-May @ 12noonSEO Outreach - An Overview

Joanna’s workshop will focus on all things outreach. She’ll start with a summary of what exactly this is and why it’s important for any business, and will then dive into the best practice for getting it right. She’ll cover the dos and don’ts of finding sites to reach out to, making sure they’re suitable, sending pitch emails, and more. It’s sure to be an eye-opener.

Joanna Cunningham