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Joe Marcovitch

Joe Marcovitch

Senior Copywriter
  • 0117 325 0536
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Joe Marcovitch

Senior Copywriter

Tell us about your role

As a senior copywriter, my role is relatively straightforward. I work closely with the rest of the copywriting team to produce bespoke legal content that accurately represents our client’s desired tone of voice, is optimised for greater online visibility, and improves any digital conversion opportunities.

What’s your favourite Conscious value and why?

Being naturally inquisitive underpins my approach to writing legal content. I can almost guarantee that I’ll be writing about a brand-new topic every month, which means I simultaneously get the opportunity to expand my own knowledge even further. By extension, that also means I can effectively perform my role as a senior, passing on this knowledge to the rest of the team!

Tell us about your life outside of Conscious

As a copywriter, I’m partially typecast. Yes, I love reading. Yes, I’m partial to a podcast. Yes, I’ve dabbled in some of my own writing in my spare time.

Beyond those potentially obvious hobbies, my life is otherwise consumed by football (playing, watching, imparting my expertise on anyone that will listen etc.), motorsport and looking after the various dogs in my family. A dog of my own has just been welcomed home!

As a very recent homeowner, any other free time I have will usually be spent on renovating, decorating and, regrettably, cursing after I fail to complete either of those tasks successfully.

Good copywriting attracts people to your website.

Great copywriting attracts the right people to your website at the right time and converts them into customers.

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