How can my lawyers write a great website profile?

How can my lawyers write a great website profile?

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A website profile is a great way to introduce your clients to your team, creating a personal connection that can lead to loyalty and retention. We’d recommend including your whole team on your website so clients can really get to know you.

The best website profiles are written by the team themself. Asking your lawyers to write their own employee website profiles will make them feel more valued, unique, and approachable.

There are, however, several tips that will help your team’s website profile stand out. For instance, keeping paragraphs short is essential for helping to keep the reader engaged and avoiding copied text or the usual adjectives like ‘trustworthy’ and ‘hardworking’ will help to prevent the website profile from feeling ingenuine.

This post will help your lawyers write a compelling team website profile by using the following tactics:

  • Include contact details
  • Add a picture
  • Make them personable
  • Highlight their knowledge, expertise, and accreditations
  • Make sure all profiles are consistent

Include contact details

When writing a website profile, it’s important to remember to include basic information like their preferred name, their role within the business, and how to get in touch – yes this means adding their direct dial and email address! This shows clients that their time is just as valuable as yours and that their matter is important to your firm.

But if you really don’t want to do this (but we REALLY think you should), instead, it may be beneficial to include a link in the profile that directs clients to a contact form they can complete. This help to prevent time-wasting emails and instead gives you the opportunity to contact the client directly.

Including this information is one of the most vital parts of a website profile. It lets the client know who they are contacting and what that person can do for them. Additionally, this part of the profile could link to a LinkedIn profile too where a client can find out more about the person.

Add a picture

When introducing your team to your clients, first impressions are crucial. It’s the same with a website profile. Having a picture along with the employee profile will let your clients know that your business is approachable and values real people over cogs in a machine.

These visuals help to set a tone for your business and as such, it’s incredibly important that you choose the perfect picture for each employee profile.

The picture should be approachable but professional. Keep it friendly with a clean and minimal background to ensure the focus in on the individual. Anything that you can see in the background should be used to convey a sense of personality. For instance, mentioning a passion for geography or travel in the employee profile can be highlighted by a world map or globe in the background of the picture.

You should also avoid photo filters; it will make the profile feel ingenuine and set an unprofessional tone.

At the end of the day, a photo is going to draw the client’s eye before they read the website profile so it’s important that your picture is saying just as much about you as the profile itself.  Maybe it’s time for a team photoshoot?

Make them personable

If your employee profiles are blunt, cold, and uninviting, your clients are going to assume that your business and services are as well.

To avoid this, it’s important that your profiles are personable, including personal details and focusing on soft-selling accomplishments as opposed to lists and hard sells that can come across as arrogant.

Having each lawyer write their own profile is a great way to let personalities shine through. Encourage them to mention hobbies and interests to allow clients to connect on a personal level as well as a professional one.

Highlight their knowledge, expertise, and accreditations

Alongside the more casual and personal aspect of the profile, it is necessary to also convey the skills, accomplishments, and expertise of the lawyer so that the client knows who can help them.

However, it’s important that you don’t overdo this. Spending too much time detailing a lawyer’s expertise in their field can be off-putting and too much jargon for a client to understand.

That being said, mentioning topics the lawyer is particularly familiar with, successes they have had in the industry, and any relevant qualifications, is important. Mix these facts in with a bit of personal information and a client will both trust you to handle their situation and feel comfortable doing so.

Make sure all profiles are consistent

It’s a mistake to make every profile a carbon copy of each other, however having a consistent style across all website profiles helps things to feel united and professional. Giving the impression that your team works together and is reliable.

Additionally, whilst including personal information in each profile is important, ensure the topics discussed are consistent – these could include hobbies, family, what employees like to do in their free time and any notable cases they’ve been involved in.

Having a template for your website profile is recommended – that’s what we use here at Conscious. This will allow you to keep the profile length, content and style consistent, even if they are being written by multiple people.

On top of this, it can be a good idea to ask your team to write a longer profile than you expect to put on the website. This will allow you to edit the content to ensure that it matches the other profiles, without losing its individualism.

Need help with your team’s website profiles?

Hopefully, this blog has given you the tools you need to craft the perfect team website profiles. But, if you’d like to utilise our expertise and best practices when it comes to website design and writing a website profile, contact our team today on 0117 325 0200 or email