What content should I create for my law firm?

What content should I create for my law firm?

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Content is the cornerstone of any website shared with the public, especially one offering clients a service. Having a website that only briefly speaks of your services in a few sentences is not going to cut it with potential clients.

If you want to bring an audience to your website and convert them into paying clients, you need to have detailed content for your potential law firm clients. This could include: discussing your services, doing regular blog posts on relevant news and answering commonly asked questions. Other ways to develop your website include including all of your staff on your website, having a detailed about us page, listing any awards and accreditations the firm has achieved and most importantly call to actions on every single page.

To get the best results for your law firm website, by turning over more clients, seeking guidance from a copywriting professional is a solid investment.

You might be wondering what content you should create for your law firm. Well, read on...

Service Pages

Your clients need to know what services you offer and, more specifically, exactly how you can help them with their situation.

It’s all well and good adding a list of legal matters you can provide specialist assistance with, but your website needs to include the exact details of the services you provide, whether you can help clients to draft a letter before action, all the way to being able to represent clients in court proceedings. Your potential clients will want to know the extent of your services and if it aligns with their needs and circumstances.

Not only should you be talking about the services you provide, but in addition, the practical experience your team has in those exact areas. This could include the level of difficulty you can help with, from straightforward cases to those more complicated, any practical case examples, the firm’s/solicitor’s service experience, accreditations, and awards in the spoken area.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are a great way to notify your audience of the latest and important news concerning legal matters as well as showcasing your expertise in an area. Writing blog posts also provide your firm with a chance to address frequently asked questions or queries that you believe might arise related to that legal area. Blog posts that offer value can help to bring more traffic to your website and can lead to new clients.

Contact Pages

Something that each law firm website needs to incorporate onto its website is a contact page or multiple if the firm has more than one office. You may have potential clients that are already set on choosing you as the law firm they want to receive advice or representation from, and they may only be visiting your website to access your contact details so they can call you, email or send an enquiry form.

Direct contact is important when hoping to convert clients. If there is no clear information on how they can contact you, they will take their business elsewhere. Your contact page can also include important details such as office accessibility and how to reach your office, including transport routes and the nearest parking.

A contact page is also a helpful way to provide a brief overview of all the services your law firm offers and who you want to contact in each case. For example, including a section discussing the services you provide for business, whether that could be employment law, commercial landlord and tenant disputes and more. A brief overview of the problem that such matter can bring and how your solicitors can provide a helpful solution.

Staff Profiles

Making your website feel personal is paramount. You want to show that you are approachable and friendly and have clients' best interests at the forefront of everything you do.

Clients want to feel comfortable with their chosen law firm, and a brilliant way of being able to provide this before any initial consultation is to have a staff profile page where it shows each staff member’s photo, their job role, specialisms, experience, qualifications and then something small about their personal life, such as a hobby or interest.

About Us Page

Another way to personalise your website and law firm is to talk about it. For example, you could include details on how it was established, how long it has been operating and the dedication the firm has to help clients. But you want to make sure this information stands out and isn’t too generic. You could use staff photos on this page too to show how personable your firm is.

It would be wise to include the awards and accreditations the law firm has achieved. For example, make sure to include any of The Law Society accreditations, whether the firm is a member of the leading client guide, The Legal 500 as well as everything you legally need to include. Accreditations and awards look good to potential clients, giving them confidence in your ability to provide a proficient and successful service that they require. 

Call to Actions

Having a call to action is one of the most crucial parts when including content on your law firm’s website. When you write content, your audience has been able to directly view what you can offer them and the experience you have, and with a call to action, they know exactly how they can reach out to you if they decide to proceed forward, whether that is submitting an enquiry form, emailing, or calling the office directly.

Will content bring you more clients?

Conte for law firm's isn't any different to other sites. Think about it this way, if your audience goes onto your website to find out how you can help them with their legal problem, only to find no content or any indication as to what your firm can offer them, they’ll go elsewhere and the likelihood is that it’ll be a competitor that does provide this insight.

So, the lesson to be learnt here is if your website is full of detailed information about your services and experience in helping clients navigate life challenges and situations, you will have a higher success rate of converting the website audience into paying clients.

On top of the type of copy you include on your website, using keywords throughout is crucial. Why not check out our what is the secret to writing great SEO copy blog post for further helpful information?

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