Jargon Busters

Jargon Busters

We all do it!  You get into the flow and start talking in abbreviated terms thinking that just because you know what, PPC, SEO and SERPS means that so does everyone you're talking too.

Then you log into your Google Analytics, and you're greeted by this menu down the left-hand side.  When you click on an option, you're then shown all these pretty graphs that look great, but what is it you're actually looking at? 

Well, hopefully, these jargon busters should help - and if we've missed anything then drop us an email and we'll add it.

Search engine jargon buster - this one takes the PPC out of the SEO to hopefully help you make some Adsense out of the Clicks.

Google Analytics jargon buster - this one will help you understand the ever-changing Google Analytics platform.