HumHub Intranets

HumHub for Law Firm Intranets

HumHub is an open source, social intranet software application built to give you the tools to make communication and collaboration in your law firm, easy and successful.

It's lightweight, powerful and comes with a user-friendly interface. With HumHub you can create your own customised social intranet that really fits the needs of your firm.  

It’s a really useful tool for law firms specifically as it allows you to use social media internally. You can use third party tools, write your own or connect existing software, but it’s also very secure; you have complete control over your data when installed in your own data centre, or it can be cloud hosted.

  • Timeline: A facebookesque social timeline of news, comments from your team
  • Staff Directory: Each person has their own profile, which they can update themselves
  • Breaking News: Real time alerts on your HumHub dashboard
  • Search: Full text search that can be narrowed by section of your social intranet
  • Etherpad Notes: Collaborate note making in real-time
  • Polls: To survey your staff
  • Tasks: A simple task manager
  • Mail: A private messaging service
  • Link List: Links to oft used websites
  • Files: A directory based file manager
  • Calendar: To promote the dates of events in your firm
  • Custom Pages: To create text based pages
  • Wiki: For collaborative text areas
  • Meetings: A complete meeting manager
  • Mobile View: Mobile optimised for smart phone access

Why is a social intranet important for law firms?

The beauty of working in a law firm is that it’s full of a variety of people who are legal, business or creative orientated.

The issue a lot of the time is actually making the most of getting everyone’s ideas in one place. This is where a social intranet comes into play. By combining business and social, you will inherently boost productivity amongst your team because everyone will be on the same page at all times.

HumHub is an application that your team will actually want to use. It’s interactive, easy to navigate and simple to set up. It will combine intelligence, improve team collaboration and will thus improve the running of your law firm.

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