Taking Payment Online

Make taking payments easy

BillPay is the name of the module that forms part of the Conscious Platform - the technology solutions that power our client's websites. BillPay allows you to accept credit payments via your website in a PCI-compliant manner.  Increasingly law firms are taking credit/debit card payments for all kinds of services (Solicitors Rules allowing!!).

There are three systems involved in our solution that allow you to take debit/credit card payments via your website:-

  • Your Website: promotes the service and links through to a form that collects payment information (such as your invoice number). Once the form has been completed, the website contacts the Credit Card Gateway instructing it to collect a specific amount of money and provides a few key references (e.g. invoice number).
  • Credit Card Gateway: this system interacts with the user to collect card and additional payment details and interacts with the Banks to execute the transaction. Currently, BillPay integrates with three gateway providers: Worldpay (perhaps the biggest), Opayo (formerly SecPay), and Lloyds Cardnet. If you are interested in another gateway provider let us know and we will provide a quote for integration with that provider's gateway.
  • Your Bank: Your bank has to allow you to collect money by Credit Card and will issue you a “Merchant Account”. You need an agreement that allows for “credit card holder not present”.


  • Bill Pay Module