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Law Firm Recruitment: Enhancing Your Law Firm Website

Recruitment for law firms seems to be at the top of the list of challenges currently. So don’t worry; your law firm isn’t alone with its recruitment and retention struggles. This law firm recruitment challenge could be due to a lack of qualified individuals, a conflict of values between the firm and the individual, or employees being poached by rivals. Law firms, often face intense competition in recruitment, making it crucial to stand out. How well are you utilising your law firm website to assist you in attracting the ideal people for your firm and getting them to apply for the openings?

Your law firm website can help you attract talent so your law firm can focus on retaining staff instead.

Law firm website ‘Careers’ page

Firstly, you need a comprehensive careers page. Your careers page should feature the latest legal jobs to attract exceptional talent actively seeking new opportunities. This should not simply include a list of job openings and links to job descriptions. You should instead include visuals, videos, infographics, recognitions and statistics that feature what makes your firm so great. This could include the number of years employees remain with the firm and the breakdown of demographics of those who work at the firm. Videos and images of your team are essential for giving potential applicants a holistic view of your firm. Statistics and infographics are great for providing key information to candidates.

Potential employees need the opportunity to identify whether they will fit in with your firm. Additionally, you could include information on the extra-curricular activities that staff can participate in and the kind of life at your firm. This will demonstrate to potential employees that you value your staff and the firm's culture.

Law firm website ‘About Us’ page

Your ‘About Us’ page should be used to clearly state your values so candidates can decide if they agree with them before applying. Highlight any award-winning achievements to showcase your firm’s credibility and success in the legal industry. Additionally, mention any partnerships your law firm has which can enhance your credibility by demonstrating extensive connections and the ability to tap into diverse legal opportunities for clients.

We’d also recommend having all your staff on your website so that candidates can find out information about the interviewer and feel more comfortable. The “about us” page is also a great place to include client and employee testimonials, videos and images of your team that you are using on your “careers page” too.

Law firm website blog

Blog posts can be used to discuss topics such as your corporate social responsibility and how you look after your staff. Blog posts can also cover topics related to legal recruitment, showcasing your firm’s expertise in connecting law firms with top legal talent. You could link these to meet the team profiles, your careers page or throughout your “about us” page, too.

Law firm branding

Branding changes are also a simple way to showcase your job openings - you could add a ‘we’re hiring’ graphic to your logo, social media and website banners. Branding changes can also highlight job openings, emphasising the prestigious opportunities available. This is a subtle yet effective change for someone who is just scrolling through a list of jobs.

Law Firm website job applications

Finally, ensure the application process is as straightforward as possible for legal professionals. Make it easy for applicants to submit a single application via your website that doesn’t ask for repetitive information that you should be able to find in someone’s CV. Alternatively, clearly show the contact details of the person hiring for the role so applicants can easily send over their CV and cover letter to your firm.

What are the next steps for law firm recruitment and your website?

Before any law firm website project, we like to ask our clients a few questions:

  • What is your goal from a new law firm website?
  • Does your current law firm website reflect the current values of your firm?
  • What do you like about your law firm website?
  • What don’t you like about your law firm's website?
  • Would your current law firm website sell to you?

With your “careers” page, “about us” page, “meet the team” page and more, ask yourself these questions about recruitment. If you landed on your website now while looking for a role, would a job appeal to you from the website? What about your social media profiles? How about the job descriptions? Do they tell you what you need to know, answer your questions surrounding pay and flexibility, and convince you why you’d want to work at the firm? Once you know the answers to these questions, you can start thinking about how to sell your firm to applicants in your law firm’s digital marketing.

How to create a winning careers page for recruitment for law firms

We have listed some key elements we recommend our clients include to use their law firm website for recruitment above, but have a look at some of our real-life client examples for some inspiration:

Look at how these leading legal practices have optimised their careers pages to attract top talent:

Once you have optimised your website for recruitment, think about other ways of recruiting, such as social media, job boards, community events and university fairs.

If you need support with using your law firm website for recruitment, get in contact today at 0117 325 0200 or sales@conscious.co.uk.