Law Firm Website Hosting

Your law firm website is in safe hands

Hosting and security has always been a core expertise within our business. We run all our sites on a bank of servers within the data centre of PEER 1 in Portsmouth.

This is an extremely modern facility that was built only a few years ago at a cost of over £10m - it is the primary datacentre for PEER 1 within the UK and one of 17 similar data centres owned and operated by them worldwide.

Peer1 Datacentre in Portsmouth

This is the greenest data centre with a full capacity Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) of just 1.1 which means that 90% of all the energy consumed by the building is used by the computers and only 10% is used for cooling and other demands of the building. The system harnesses the natural cooling effect of air and water, using a super-efficient heat exchange system, low-energy fans and water atomisers.  Not only that but it's resilient, secure and has excellent connectivity to the rest of the Internet.  All of this goes towards ensuring your website is available 24x7.

Fully Secure Websites

All new websites we build now are fully secure i.e. the website runs under https:// meaning the connection from the users computer to our webservers (and thus your website) is fully secure.

This became even more important on Friday 18-Aug-2017 when Google announced that from October 2017 users of Google Chrome (39.7% of users in our benchmark) will get "this website is not secure" warnings if your website is not https://  We have written about this on our blog.