Mobile Friendly Becoming a Ranking Factor on 21 April

Mobile Friendly Becoming a Ranking Factor on 21 April

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Our site is mobile friendly! Is yours?

As suspected, Google has announced that as of 21 April 2105, mobile friendly will become a ranking factor in mobile search results.

This will make it easier for users to get high quality search results that are optimised for devices. Mobile friendly sites are becoming more and more popular amongst smart device users but do web-masters have time to prepare? For more information, find out what John Mueller thinks about it all.

From the Google Analytics data we have access to we reckon that on average something like 25-40% of all law firms' website traffic is coming from mobile devices (and by "mobile" I don't mean tablets). So if you do not have a mobile-friendly website then you need to get one budgeted (& built) as soon as you can.

If you are unsure if your website is mobile-friendly, just search for your firm's name in Google from your phone and you should find the "Mobile Friendly" marker as shown below.

Mobile friendly indicator on a law firm's website in Google