5 Really Easy Ways to Make your Legal Content Engaging

5 Really Easy Ways to Make your Legal Content Engaging

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Whether you’re writing about the stages of conveyancing, or how to tackle legal jargon, you ideally want your prospect to keep reading. Even better, you want them to like, comment and share your content on social media.

However, with so much content crammed into every social platform – how can yours stand out?

Good thing you asked. We’ve collated a little list of ideas to get you inspired.


1.   Create an Infographic.

Research has shown that people’s willingness to read a piece of content increases by 80% if it is formatted as a colourful visual.

So let’s say you have your stats at the ready. All you need to do is format it into an infographic, add images, make it colourful and voila- you’ve got an engaging, shareable piece of content. Check out one we made for Crisp & Co Solicitors.

You don’t just have to use stats though. If you have a blog post about the 10 dangers of not having a business plan for example, you can format those tips into a short, concise infographic with images and eye-catching fonts and colours.

We recommend using SpritesApp, a free and easy app that allows you to create professional looking infographics.

2.   Upload Presentations via Slideshare.

A great way to format your information into small, digestible chunks is to make a presentation. Luckily, through LinkedIn you can take your own presentations and share them via Slideshare so you can showcase your knowledge as a thought-leader.  Also, Slideshare is a great place to start when you want some inspiration for presentations of your own.   

An example of a successful Slideshare is Paul Hajek’s ‘What’s the Name of that Legal Thingy? An A-Z Guide Through the Jargon of Conveyancing.’


3.   Give Passle a try.

Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with fresh ideas for content, and creating blogs can be time-consuming. With Passle, you can curate content efficiently. You may find a news story or blog that catches your eye; simply highlight your favourite part, click the ‘add to Passle’ button in your browser, then add your comments and personal opinions on what you’ve shared. We call this process ‘content curation’.

For more information on using Passle, check out our previous blog, Content Marketing: Creation vs Curation.


4.   Video is the new Content King.

Video is the new popular guy around town. Recent findings have discovered that companies who use video get 41% more traffic to their website than those who don’t. It’s also been proved to help conversions; if you place a video on your landing page, conversions are expected to increase by 80%.

Rich said in his Legalex talk last year: “You can get your client engaged in a six second video.” It doesn’t have to be time-consuming, and you don’t want people to get bored part way through a ten minute video. All you really need is your smartphone camera and a clip-on mic (you can get them inexpensively on Amazon), create your six second video, and share on Vine, or even Snapchat.


5.   Be Human & Be Authentic!

This rule not only works for social media, it’s just as important in your content. No one wants to engage with content that looks like it’s been made by a robot. Be friendly, be funny and listen. Find out how people are finding you; what keywords are they using in Google? This says a lot about the kind of content you should be creating. Also, make sure the content is in your voice; imagine you are speaking to the reader in person. Do the words sound like you, your voice, your personality?

So no more excuses - go forth and create!