Improving Your Law Firm Newsletter

Improving Your Law Firm Newsletter

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Back in the early days of email, receiving a message was like getting a long awaited letter through

your letterbox from a friend. Now we live in a time where our inboxes are packed full of marketing campaigns, spam and social media alerts – half of which we delete before reading.

So, how do you avoid ending up in your client’s trash folder?

Well, you could give up on email marketing altogether. But that wouldn’t be a very wise idea. Email marketing and newsletters help to strengthen relationships and keep your audience engaged and updated with what your firm is doing, as well as maintaining your position in the forefront of your clients mind. If done right, email newsletters can help to nurture your client base and keep them interested as well as potentially bringing in new business. It is also a perfect opportunity to show off your expertise to your clients, establishing a sense of leadership as you provide your readers with useful information you have carefully selected to share with them.

When it comes to email marketing and newsletters, you might want to take into account these three top tips :-

Subject Line
Research from Get Response found that 47% of people read emails based on the subject line.  It’s the most important factor in ensuring recipients open your email.  You want to think carefully about what’s going to grab enough attention, to leave someone with no option but to open to find out what’s inside. For example, ‘Conscious Solutions Newsletter: November Issue’ is not likely to lead to a high open rate. But there are other ways. Subject lines that pose a question make a reader relate it to their own lives and arouse curiosity, leading to a higher open rate. We like to give teasers, briefly namedropping a few things we’ll be covering in an issue to entice our readers.

You may have noticed that one of the first things you see in our newsletters is my face. That’s because the email comes from me. Yes, it’s our company newsletter. But if I sent you an email ‘from Conscious’ as opposed to from me, it may seem a little cold. While your client will be fully aware that your newsletter wasn’t sent to them alone, a little picture of your face automatically makes your reader more comfortable because on a psychological level, we prefer to see someone’s face when they’re talking to us. It’s also just a personal touch, a ‘from me to you’ that adds that ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’ to your firms newsletter.

Personalised emails deliver more conversions.
Not all the content in your newsletter will be relevant to all of your clients, and this is something you should take into account before sending out your emails. This is especially the case if you have practice area specific newsletters, and while it’s good to spread the word about your firm’s services, some of your ‘family’ clients might not care so much about an email campaign promoting the business services you offer. Segment your email list into categories, and you’ll be able to target your prospects a whole lot better. Personalisation also involves basics such as using ‘first name’ tags that pick up each name on your list, so that your email begins ‘Hi John’ rather than ‘Dear client.’

However, a successful newsletter can’t happen overnight, and we know it takes time to create an email that packs a punch and generates business.

We offer an email marketing and newsletter service to help you stay at the forefront of your clients mind. From creating content to designing a newsletter to be sent on behalf of your firm, we’ll listen to what your desired outcome is and work closely with you to achieve it.

For more information, get in touch or download our Email Marketing Module Document.