Email Marketing for Law Firms

Email Marketing and Newsletters

Maybe you already subscribe to the Legal Technology Insider newswire or The Lawyer weekly newswire? Email newsletters of this kind allow you to stay "front of mind" with your customers.

Email Marketing and Newsletters are an extremely vital and powerful component to have in your marketing mix. Not only are they quick and cheap, but they can be extremely effective. Email marketing introduces the concept of tailoring content to match the interests of specific target lists. To put it simply: the right people see the right messages and feel valued. 

A personalised email with content which is genuinely relevant to the targeted group shows you care, that you felt it necessary to share this useful information with them. You can create your own emails, select which registered website users to send to e.g. recruitment candidates, existing clients, prospective clients, and send the email. All controlled from your web browser.

We also provide a range of pre-written newsletters that are provided in a "white-labelled" format which means that they appear to come from your website, not from Conscious. We'll work closely with you to produce this newsletter, finding great content to share with your target audience, adding in any stories you provide us with and topping it all off with your logo and branding. The success of an email campaign can be monitored, and once sent, we will review the statistics and share them with you so we can gauge what exactly interests your clients and keeps them reading.