Our 2022-2023 Charity of the Year

Our 2022-2023 Charity of the Year

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In October 2021, as a team, we voted for a new charity of the year. We had four excellent charities nominated by members of our team – Cancer Research UKGympanzeesPlace2B and Bristol Hospitality Network.

After a vote, we were delighted to choose Gympanzees as our charity of the year for 2022-2023.

What do Gympanzees do?

Gympanzees is a Bristol-based charity headed up by founder and physiotherapist Stephanie Wheen. They support children and young people (0-25 years old) with disabilities through a variety of services including pop up events, a roadshow, a specialist lending library and online resources.

Their main aim is to build the UK's first leisure facility that is fully accessible and tailored for children and young people with disabilities. It will be open 7 days per week, all through the year. The facility will be run in several sessions each day – each with a different focus so each child or young person will find slots that work for them. The facility will have several different areas which will be accessible for those with the most severe physical difficulties through to those who are very active with emotional or behavioural difficulties.

This world-class facility, which will be the first of its kind in the UK, will bring everything under one roof for children and young people with disabilities and their families.

Why did we choose to support Gympanzees?

We were unaware of the daily difficulties many families face and love that Gympanzees are aiming to provide something that will reduce this and something that is fully dedicated to these children and young people.

One of the biggest pushes for the team to choose Gympanzees is that they are a Bristol-based charity, and we feel our fundraising will provide something great for the local community as well as the wider demographic targeted at Gympanzees. 

We are looking forward to seeing first-hand the amazing service Gympanzees provide for the community at their Easter Pop Up and other events. 

We are excited to see their continued plans to develop the UK’s first inclusive leisure centre right here in Bristol!

How are we supporting Gympanzees in 2022?

January marks the start of Veganuary and this year. some of the team took the plunge to try out a vegan lifestyle. It actually wasn’t as difficult as we first thought. And we got to try out lots of vegan favourites around Bristol!

In February, some of the team took on the Bristol Fives Football Challenge. They didn’t win. In fact, they were nowhere near winning but they had a great time. And thankfully, some of our lovely clients and friends donated towards their efforts…

In April, ten members of the team will be heading to Gympanzees’ Pop Ups to volunteer. This will be in the café and offering general help. We’ll get to chat to families who utilise the Pop Up and see first-hand how life-changing Gympanzees’ services are. Some star bakers from Conscious will also be providing cakes at the Pop Ups.

In June, Gympanzees are taking a group of 50 walkers on the National 3 Peaks Challenge. And eight of the slightly ambitious and naïve(?) members of the team have decided to take part. Eek! 

Training is fully underway and so far, the weather has been on our side. 

Want to get involved?

Have you got a fundraising idea for us to take part in? Email maddie@conscious.co.uk and we can discuss getting something booked in.

If you want to stay up to date with our 2022 fundraising or support the team taking part in a challenge, head to our JustGiving page. We’ve currently raised £715.00 of our £20,000 target, so every little will help get us to our goal!