My work experience week with Conscious Solutions - Paddy

My work experience week with Conscious Solutions - Paddy

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I’m Paddy and last week, I was at Conscious Solutions for my work experience. Work experience is when someone, normally a student, goes to a business they are interested in and to get an understanding of what it's like in a workplace.

A great thing about work experience is that it can help when applying for jobs to show employers that you have an understanding of what work is like and that you can complete a series of tasks given to you. Which could make you stand out from other people going for the job.

Why did I choose Conscious Solutions for my work experience placement?

David is a family friend of mine and was always talking about his marketing and advertising business. I was really interested in his work and what he did so I emailed him asking if he had any work experience placements. And yes, he did!

My placement at Conscious Solutions was confirmed in January of 2023. This took the pressure off looking for placements as they were quickly filling at many companies as some people were still looking for placements just weeks before the work experience week started. I couldn't wait to get started in July!

My time at Conscious Solutions.

When Monday morning came, I came into the office and was kindly greeted and shown where I was going to be spending the week. The work was at a suitable level of difficulty, which was great for my abilities. I started by being given a tour of the office. All the staff were so nice and welcoming to me. I started by watching a webinar on AI, as I had not much knowledge of the topic. It really gave me a good understanding of how AI can be used in business to help make tasks easier and how they can be a problem if not used correctly.

Throughout the week, my tasks were becoming more advanced, and these tasks were ones they needed completing which really made me feel like part of the Conscious team and I felt that I was helping with things that would help them in the future.

Also, other than the work, the environment in the office was so lovely; everyone was so kind and friendly. Being able to have such a nice work environment made my week so much more enjoyable.

The Conscious Team

The whole Conscious team were welcoming and lovely. I am so grateful for how well they treated me throughout the whole week.

Everyone at Conscious was so amazing and hardworking, which created a great environment to thrive and work hard in. Thank you to the whole Conscious team, you made my week so much fun and gave me a strong overview of what a supportive, caring office looks like.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Conscious Solutions for your work experience for anyone who likes working on computers in a social space. I have learnt so much about what work life is like, and it gives me an insight into what education I may follow in the future.