Preparing to get back to work after a holiday

Preparing to get back to work after a holiday

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After a long summer, if there was ever anything to bring me crashing back down to earth when I was a child, it was the first week of September! I’m sure millions of children will have felt that same lump in their throat at the start of this week as they waved goodbye to six weeks of bliss, and met the new school year with a forced grin.

Whilst those 6 week summers are long gone for us, that same feeling can often arise for us when we’re coming back from time off work. Even when we try to remember the good things about our work life (I, for one, only have positive things to say in my role in case you’re reading, David), it can still be an upsetting contrast to the time off we’ve just had where we can relax and be free from the usual stresses of a 9-5:30.

So, if you’re recently coming back from time off, or know that you’ll be faced with that sense of dread after your next holiday, why not try some of these methods to make that transition back to work a little bit easier?

1. Plan Ahead

Before your holiday ends, try to plan your first day back at work. Having a clear plan for your tasks and priorities can reduce the anxiety of returning2

2. Set Realistic Goals:

Don't expect to accomplish everything on your first day back. Set achievable goals for your return, and gradually ease back into your full workload.                     

3. Practice Mindfulness:

Engage in mindfulness or relaxation exercises to calm your mind before returning to work. Deep breathing, meditation, or a short walk can help reduce stress.

4. Seek Support:

Talk to colleagues or friends who understand your work situation. Sharing your feelings and concerns can be cathartic and provide valuable insights.

5. Reflect on Your Holiday:

Take a moment to appreciate the rest and relaxation you experienced during your holiday. Try using this as motivation for work and plan your next break!

This isn’t an exhaustive list, and there may be some other tips that you already follow to help you re-adjust to work life after a time off. Regardless, as helpful as these hints can be, it can still be a tough adjustment and stressful time getting back into the work environment. If you’re feeling anxious or stressed over a return to work, or for any other reason, please feel free to reach out to us at the wellbeing team. It’s always worth talking to someone, it’s why we’re here!