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Tracey Stock

Tracey Stock

Head of Design
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Tracey Stock

Head of Design

Tell us about your role

Design is a thing of beauty, and I like to bring that to every design. As a designer at Conscious, my aim is to challenge clients to think beyond their initial thoughts and discover that ‘special something’ through their website that will deliver an eye-catching, engaging, and meaningful user experience.

What’s your favourite Conscious value and why?

‘Generous’. It is an attitude I’m proud to say underpins everything we do. From the willingness to help and support our clients and our approach to sharing our knowledge and wanting them to benefit from that. To the kindness and support we have for each other as a team.

Tell us about your life outside of Conscious

I top and tail my working day with as much time out in the countryside as possible - looking after my horses. They keep me balanced. I am married to Rich (my sheep farmer who can talk sheepdogs 'til the sheep come home!) and have 2 beautiful daughters who never cease to amaze me with their wisdom and talent. I also love to sing and sing in a choir, swing band and covers band too. A highlight every year is a week at Glastonbury with my sister – it’s my happy place!

Whatever makes your soul happy…do that!

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