How to choose the best images for your law firm website

How to choose the best images for your law firm website

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Images have a very important job to do. "A picture is worth a thousand words" so they say – and it’s true (though maybe not quite that many!). And many copywriters would disagree. An image should resonate with your target audience. It should tell a story and support the message you want associated with your brand.

We’ve all been to websites where an image seems to overpower your desire to explore any further. Instead of engaging the user it has a completely opposite affect! It’s not that it isn’t familiar in some way to the service or firm, but it lacks any emotional connection with the user and sometimes just doesn’t ring true.

So why use images?

Well selected images can enhance your brand, support your message, improve your credibility and boost your conversions! Original images would always be the preferred choice – they’ll give you the chance to be unique, individual and show the ‘real’ world that you and your team live and work in. If you have photos of real employees or real situations, the viewer tends to trust your company more than a competitor who uses ‘straight out of the box’ stock photos.

Real people -

Real location -

That said, budgets may not always allow for the commissioning of a photographer and a stock image library may be your next best option. Stock image libraries have improved so much over the last decade. Yes, you can still find the cheesy shots and the people who are really not of this world with their perfect smiles, but patience and careful selection is time well spent. The photos are now of such high quality and there are millions to choose from. The problem is just deciding which ones!

Lifestyle, edited colours to reflect brand

Here are a few tips:

  • Keep the images relatable - People like to feel an emotional connection
  • Consistent with your image - Make sure images are in-line with the experience clients will have when they visit your office
  • This is who we are - All images should be representative of your brand and reflect the personality of your firm
  • Keep it human – real people (if possible) should feature somewhere on your site. It will show a friendliness and approachability
  • Only use good quality images - A blurred image can just show a lack of care and attention
  • Try not to choose the first image you think of - You may be a firm based on the coast, so an image of a local landmark may sound like a great idea. However, you will not be the first law firm to think that, let alone the many other businesses who had the same thought
  • Dare to be different! - It doesn’t have to be wild or quirky but it can be memorable – and in a good way. It is hard to stand out with so much competition nowadays, but a bold image selection can have a great visual impact
  • Edit your photos - Firstly, for consistency. Same colour, tint, contrast etc but secondly, this is the chance to make what may seem a more standard selection of photos, more bespoke to your brand. You’ll find you will have developed a distinctive style that can only help make you more memorable.

Different photos for different jobs

Think about the different areas on your site that images will appear. The image you select for your homepage banner will need to be representative of your brand – it will have the most impact! Your aim should be to make an emotional connection. It may be styled in a distinctive way and then used on all of your marketing collateral. It could be heavily themed, abstract, location or lifestyle based. Your aim should be to make an emotional connection. Whatever your choice, make it unique.

Abstract, bold, distinctive -

Illustration, unexpected, memorable -

Understated, edited, bespoke -

Compare this to images used for News, Blogs and Social Media posts – these have a different job to do and will most likely be a visual representation of the story they are attached to. It is well known that users are more likely to click through to a story if there is a relevant image that catches their eye.

Profile photos should always be of the highest quality. Remember this may be the first time a potential client may see you. Make it a good first impression. Don’t be afraid to show your personality. Think about how you present yourself to your client – are you ‘suited and booted’ or much more casual? Both are right just as long as you stay true to yourself and your brand.

Before you sit in front of the camera – do your research and look at profile photo styles you think would reflect who you are.

Styles for profile photos -

Why using good images is important for your website

  1. Users generally need less than a second to ‘get’ a message conveyed by an image
  2. Most web users are visually driven and will scan images first for information they need
  3. We often retain important messages as a visual image – even if we originally read it as text
  4. High quality images (particularly original photos) used on web pages can positively influence website SEO ranking (providing they are optimised!)
  5. Images are less susceptible to the pitfalls of a responsive screen and readability of text
  6. Images are universal – no language/learning restrictions to overcome

Don’t underestimate the power of an image. Take your time and choose wisely. Strive to be original. Aim to be memorable. It will be time well spent.