Digital marketing trends for your law firm in 2024

Digital marketing trends for your law firm in 2024

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The digital landscape is constantly changing, and that means law firms need to embrace technology and software on offer.

2023 saw an introduction to AI, the switch from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), an increase in video content to satisfy the growing needs of consumers, as well as a return to in-person events and a hike in podcasting professionals. 2024 is set to accelerate these trends further, and I discuss the trends law firms should look out for in this blog post.


There will be a significant shift towards personalisation in 2024, focusing on website and email marketing personalisation. At Conscious, we are currently trialling a programme called Personyze to provide our clients and website users with the data and experience they want. Personalisation with your marketing helps your clients feel valued and builds trust between your firm and your clients.

Data-Driven PR Campaigns

Targeted PR campaigns are beneficial for law firms for several reasons.  Gaining backlinks to your website supports your SEO as it helps to increase and develop domain authority, but it also helps to increase trust with your law firm and build brand awareness. Data-driven PR campaigns also give you a lot of information to work with, so you can repurpose this content into social media posts, blog posts, and infographics, giving you a steady stream of content.


AI is not going anywhere, and it looks as though law firms are beginning to embrace the software in their strategies. This could be in the form of idea generation, writing first-draft social media posts or for the purpose of recruitment and retention. The risks that AI poses still need to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, but by working with your compliance teams, your firm can help to find a solution that benefits your firm.

One of the trends we expect to see in Q1 is the introduction of Google’s Generative Search Experience.

EVP in Marketing and Recruitment

A strong EVP in staff retention is becoming essential for law firms. This will be done through your social media, website, and internal communications. Your firm needs to demonstrate what makes it unique, why people enjoy working there and why people will want to continue to work at the firm, too. It could come in the form of video testimonials, online reviews and blog posts that are authentic and natural. One of the most important things your firm can do is involve the people who want to be involved and let them choose how they curate this content rather than forcing those who would rather not be in front of the camera to participate!

Generational Content Consumption

There has been a surge in engaging with different types of content to maintain viewer interest rather than solely relying on just your content. Are there any third-party websites that share blog content your audience might also be interested in? Can you repurpose data from a Digital PR campaign into social media posts? Can you turn a blog post into a short video instead?

It is important to remember that different age groups digest data in different ways, and you need to create content that satisfies the needs of your demographics.

The Importance of Good Habits and Marketing Strategies

The importance of good habits, good processes, good CRM, and good software to support law firm marketing can’t be ignored.  Without ensuring you have tracked, measured, and analysed your success for 2023, it isn't easy to begin looking towards 2024.

I firmly believe that marketers get bored of their marketing before the general public does, but that doesn’t mean that what has always worked for your firm is still working.

You can download our free ROI calculator to help you identify areas that worked for your firm in 2023 and areas needing more thinking.

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