Copywriting trends to look out for in 2024

Copywriting trends to look out for in 2024

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In 2024, the world of content consumption promises even greater shifts than we have seen in 2023. For law firms, staying ahead of these developments is paramount to remaining relevant and standing out from the competition.

Luckily, we are always looking for ways to help law firms stay ahead of the game, which is why we have compiled a list of up-and-coming trends that we expect to dominate the content industry over the next few months.


It would be remiss of us to start this blog without first addressing the biggest concern on any copywriter’s mind in 2024: AI.

Thankfully, it has turned out that AI is not the monster that many expected to put thousands of copywriters out of commission, but a currently untamed beast that we are still learning how to work with.

Whilst AI in its current state should not be trusted to generate content on its own, it can certainly be used as a flexible tool to help generate content outlines, title ideas and refine tone of voice to suit different audiences.

As AI grows, law firms should be looking to use it in a way that helps them to streamline time-consuming tasks such as document drafting, data entry and some forms of research. This will then give them more time to focus on high-value, client-focused work.

However, AI is not the only trend that we expect to see more of in the near future. Read on to find out about the other upcoming trends that we think the law industry should be aware of in 2024.


It appears that in general, attention spans are becoming shorter, especially in terms of content. To capitalise on this, many brands are taking full advantage of microcopy – the smaller sections of text that often appear within an app or on a website.

This can actually be harder than it may initially appear, as the writer has to clearly convey a message within only a few lines of text. However, the ability to concisely relay information that engages a target audience is a powerful tool that cannot be understated.

Furthermore, using language that acknowledges and thanks the audience for engaging with your content has the potential to build strong connections and customer loyalty. It has to be said that the legal industry often has issues with connection on a personal level with their audience, which is perfectly understandable due to the professional nature of their work. However, microcopy has the potential to help bridge that gap.


Whilst we’re speaking about microcopy, it’s important to discuss the significance of microblogging, especially as we head into 2024. Microblogging sites such as X (previously known as Twitter) have become staples of our current digital landscape (despite the difficulties X is currently facing), and many industries have been utilising them within their marketing strategies. In some ways, it would be excusable to argue that the microblogging world has become oversaturated with content. However, high-quality microblogging content cuts through the noise and the power of microblogging platforms should not be underestimated.

We suggest that law firms should be looking for innovative ways to use microblogging to their advantage to share concise, creative messages that will engage with their audience directly, spark conversations and establish themselves as thought leaders within their industry.

Emotional connections

As global digitisation brings us all closer, audiences are beginning to crave human connection more than ever. It was previously stated that the legal sector often struggles with this, as they offer a formal and professional service in what can often be a very serious industry.

However, forming emotional connections with your audience doesn’t have to mean being unprofessional and/or losing any credibility. It simply means letting your audience know that you care about their welfare on a personal level.

Vulnerability is an incredibly powerful and often underutilised tool within the copywriter’s arsenal, and lawyers should consider using it too. Examples of this may be as simple as a monthly blog discussing the difficulties and challenges that your company faced, as well as how you overcame them. Another method could be to do a feature blog about a member of your staff. Audiences want to know who they are working with on a more personal level, and those who engage with them will quickly reap the rewards.

Video content

We are living in a post-TikTok age, where media is easily accessible at the swipe of a finger. No matter if you are a fan of the viral dance challenges or not, it is undeniable that video content is becoming increasingly necessary for brands to get their messaging out to the general public.

Furthermore, short-form video content is currently ‘King’, with Youtube currently in a battle against TikTok, having implemented Youtube shorts (shorter, portrait-style videos) in an attempt to gain access into TikTok’s short-form video arena.

Understandably, it is initially hard to imagine exactly how law firms can leverage video content in 2023 whilst remaining credible and professional. However, there are actually many methods of doing so – for example The Legal Queen on TikTok has generated a huge audience from providing short legal tips and tricks, without revealing too much information so that her services would be redundant.

Our suggestions for creating video content for law firms are as follows:

  • Create short-form video content providing legal tips and tricks
  • Be innovative; tell your audience facts that are interesting and that the general public may not know
  • Create long-form content that you can get repurpose into short-form content to use later down the line
  • Be natural and open, don’t force a personality as this will not translate well

Are there changes you need to implement for 2024 legal copywriting?

To conclude, the nature of copywriting for law firms in 2024 will shift slightly, revolving around several key trends.

Contrary to initial claims, AI hasn’t replaced copywriters, instead, it is becoming a useful tool to expedite many important processes.

Microcopy looks likely to become even more prevalent in the near future, allowing marketers to convey messaging through a concise format.

Video content (especially short-form videos) has become instrumental in the past few years and will continue to be pivotal in communication strategies, even within the legal industry.

Law firms should be looking at these trends in detail to figure out how to best implement them within their overall marketing strategy in 2024.

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