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Small giving can make a big difference - February 2015 update

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Here are my numbers so far. 

  • January 2015 - Sponsored a bicycle for 6 months to allow a child to get to school in Cambodia
  • December 2014 - 185 days of support to allow children in Cambodia to cycle to school
  • November 2014 - 137 adolescent girls in India provided with reproductive awareness support
  • October 2014 - 322 children provided with textbooks for a day
  • September 2014 - 893 people in Malawi provided with clean water
  • August 2014 -  862 people in Malawi provided with clean water
  • July 2014 - 1,014 people in Malawi provided with clean water

This was a direct result of the emails I sent from my desktop computer in each month and then paid for via my relationship with B1G1.

Our B1G1 Giving Map

Click the image to go to an interactive map.


Original Blog Post from June 2014

I've prevaricated on this all year.  But finally got round to doing it.  I've been doing Deki loans personally for some time and enjoy being able to loan small amounts of money to budding entrepreneurs in other parts of the world.

B1G1 logoI'm now going one step further. I'm now a proud member of B1G1 an organisation set up by Masami Sato in 2007 and chaired by Paul Dunn.  Paul is an amazing entrepreneur with his roots in the accountancy sector.

From today, every email I send or reply to from my desktop computer will provide clean water to one person in Malawi, for a whole day.

Had I started this at the beginning of the year 3,692 micro-impacts would have been made :-

  • January = 625 people would have been helped
  • February = 550 people would have been helped
  • March = 647 people would have been helped
  • April = 637 people would have been helped
  • May = 414 people would have been helped
  • June = 819 people would have been helped

Yes, I've been lazy.  But now that's been corrected.

I won't bore you with all the details of B1G1 here, you can read about them at and I would encourage you to think about how you can help in the same way.  Or read more about how your email could make big difference at