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PM Forum Seminar - What makes a great campaign?

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Last night I went to the PM Forum London meeting held at the office on Fetter Lane.  I must admin, holding an event on the same night as an England World Cup game was always going to be risky, but as it turned out, everything was fine except the result!

The seminar was titled “What Makes a Great Campaign?” and was presented by Sarah Reavley (Partner, Remark Research & Marketing) and Alessandra Almeida-Jones (Head of Global Campaigns, Linklaters).

My mindmap as follows (click the image for the larger PDF version).

PM Forum Seminar - What makes a great campaign?

One of the highlights for me was Alessandra talking about the range of spending at a firm the size of Linklaters on specific campaigns (£11k - £50k) and occasionally how hard the sell was into the Partnership about the cost of something like that compared to £30k sponsoring an event where you get to talk from stage for just five minutes.

The bit of Sarah’s talk I took most from was her talking about the importance of the “planning phase” when thinking about a campaign.  I think we all know the 5, 6 or 7Ps depending on which one we prefer, for example this version  but that sometimes we just get carried away and suddenly a campaign has started before we’ve finished planning.