The Orange Dog has been kidnapped!!!

The Orange Dog has been kidnapped!!!

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Last Seen: Hosting a serious staff meeting at LawNet's offices. We have reason to believe that said meeting got out of hand upon suggestion of budget increase for dog biscuits. We knew it was only a matter of time before his forward thinking barking got him into trouble.


Colour - bright orange

Distinguishing Features - ​May have been spotted being gagged and tied to a chair (perhaps by people in suits)

Microchipped? - ​Nope, but he will be once returned!

The Orange Dog's doing his part for charity; his helpful paws are hoping to raise £2,400 by October this year by being passed around all the member firms

If anyone knows the whereabouts of The Orange Dog in the meantime however, then just let me know!

For now though, take a look at the images below for the latest on the saga and watch this space to learn of The Orange Dog's fate...