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Sahra Tulloch

Sahra Tulloch

Account Director
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Sahra Tulloch

Account Director

Tell us about your role 

As an Account Director at Conscious, Sahra works closely with the wider team to deliver results and mastermind solutions. She has an inquisitive nature and an intimate knowledge of all the ways that we can help your law firm become more successful online, which is elevated by her experience working in a Top 100 law firm. All of this means she’ll always find the right solution for your firm or open your thinking up to what else is happening in the legal industry.

What’s your favourite Conscious value and why?

Sahra’s favourite value is ‘inquisitive’. Finding new ways to help clients, considering new strategies to help them succeed and understanding the challenges that law firms face are what drive Sahra and naturally align to the way that she thinks.

Tell us about your life outside of Conscious 

Sahra likes to indulge the creative side of her brain outside of work by exercising her artistic skills. If she’s not working on a commission for her pebble art, she’ll be heavily involved with creating the brochures and maps for her local arts trail group, Art On The Hill

When she’s not working on her side projects, she’ll either be out and about walking the local trail with her springer spaniel, Reg (never a dull moment!), cheering on her favourite footballer Mo Salah or acting as ‘Quiz Master’ for friends and family with the latest set of quiz questions that she’s put together.

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