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Nimanka Perera

Nimanka Perera

Outreach Executive
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Nimanka Perera

Outreach Executive

Tell us about your role 

As part of the marketing services team, I carefully investigate sites to find the best websites to contact in order to increase the online presence of our clients. My job entails contacting editors, building contacts for blog articles, and offering ideas for interesting material. I manage a dynamic outreach pipeline, ensuring each interaction is purposeful. By maintaining a comprehensive database of targeted sites, I optimise our outreach strategy. This approach significantly boosts the law firm's online visibility and success through their SEO goals.

What’s your favourite Conscious value and why?

I like “collaboration” because it means we all work together. When different people share ideas, it makes my job better. Teamwork helps us be more creative and solve problems, making sure we give clients the best service. It's like putting all our strengths together to do a great job.

Tell us about your life outside of Conscious 

I’m from the beautiful country of Sri Lanka, blessed with stunning natural beauty. I proudly hold a bachelor's special degree from the University of Sri Jayewardhanepurain in the field of Marketing. 

When I'm on vacation, I love travelling and making cool memories along the way. Hanging out with my friends and family brings me lots of joy. Dancing is my absolute favourite! I've learned about Sri Lankan traditional and freestyle dancing. It's my happy place – where every step tells a story and joy fills the rhythm!

"Instead of interrupting, work on attracting.” — Dharmesh Shah


People will remember you if you answer their questions and needs, which is both relevant in digital marketing and life.

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