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Nathan Robinson

Nathan Robinson

SEO Configuration Manager
  • 0117 325 0237
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Nathan Robinson

SEO Configuration Manager

Tell us about your role

When a client needs a new website, my role involves auditing the existing website and offering up our recommendations around best practice SEO and user experience. In addition, I help ensure all content moves across to the new site and that tracking is in place to capture the engagement from those lovely new visitors!

What’s your favourite Conscious value and why?

Inquisitiveness speaks to me as I’ve got a curious (and sometimes easily distracted!) mind. I’m often exploring how to do things more efficiently, and so I’m glad to be part of an inquisitive team that is always pushing forward and trying to find new ways to help our clients get the most out of digital marketing.

Tell us about your life outside of Conscious

Outside of work hours you’ll find me thinking about going to the gym or socialising with friends, and very occasionally, that actually happens!

Most of the time, I’ll be taking up the sofa with my cat Jiji and my partner, watching one of the five TV series we’re juggling or trying to decide who gets to play video games on the big screen. At my happiest, I’m wandering around somewhere new in good weather. Or taking pictures of my cat sleeping.

Maintaining a website is a little like managing a shop on the high street. You can launch with no competition in sight and get all the attention, but over time new shops move in across the street and suddenly it’s hard to stand out. Regularly reviewing your place within the digital space takes time but it’s worth it!

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