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Liam Hegenbarth

Liam Hegenbarth

Head of Development
  • 0117 325 0212
  • 07817 154625
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Liam Hegenbarth

Head of Development

Tell us about your role

Liam leads a dynamic team of designers, front-end developers and project managers overseeing the creativity and functionality that results in your brand new website! His colleagues think his best talent is that he is a master problem solver and innovative thinker. With every day presenting a different challenge, Liam empowers his team to brainstorm novel approaches, leading to effective, creative solutions.

What’s your favourite Conscious value and why?

Liam's favourite value is inquisitiveness. He has a thirst for knowledge and an insatiable desire to delve deeper. Liam’s best skill when problem-solving is that he always seeks to uncover the underlying "why" of things – and his inquisitive nature fuels his ability to find innovative solutions for our law firms’ online challenges.

Tell us about your life outside of Conscious

Outside of work, Liam has a diverse range of interests. Weekends, evenings and time off might find him exploring the scenic landscapes of his home in South Wales with his dog, Banjo, or keeping his coding skills sharp by working on one of the several hobby projects he’s bought the domain for but hasn’t finished.  

A sports enthusiast (more often watching than playing, these days!) he particularly enjoys NFL and football – although, supporting Manchester United means he enjoys it less and less now.

When he gets time, Liam enjoys working out… sometimes in the gym and sometimes puzzling with friends! Much like he does at work, Liam enjoys the strategic challenges of board games, engaging in competitive battles of wits with friends and family.

Liam's thinking...