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Benjamin Kremer-Yeatman

Benjamin Kremer-Yeatman

Web Developer
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Benjamin Kremer-Yeatman

Web Developer

Tell us about your role

As a web developer I help law firms become more successful online by creating engaging and user-friendly online experiences for their clients. I work on a wide variety of projects from entire site builds and redesigns to smaller additions and bug fixes.

What’s your favourite Conscious value and why?

My favourite Conscious value is empowering. Working at Conscious has enabled me to grow my skills far beyond my initial expectations when I first joined as a member of Client Services back in 2020. I’m empowered with the freedom, resources, and encouragement to continuously expand my abilities.

Tell us about your life outside of Conscious

Outside of work I love going on long hikes with my dog Coco, falling off skateboards and cooking for my friends and family. I studied at the University of Arts London, and although now taking a more technical route with my career, I still enjoy indulging in a spot of mediocre painting and photography at the weekend. I’m also currently learning how to sail and regularly race yachts down in Poole Harbour.

Web developments a funny thing; sometimes the simplest of concepts require hours of head-scratching, whereas the seemingly complex often only needs a few lines of code.

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