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Anour Taylor

Anour Taylor

Software Engineer
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Anour Taylor

Software Engineer

Tell us about your role 

I started at Conscious as a Client Services Executive in the Client Services team, but transitioned to the Tech team after graduating as a Software Engineer. I work with all the things that people don’t realise exist – I tell computers to do the stuff we all want them to do.

What’s your favourite Conscious value and why?

My favourite value is “empowering”. My life was literally transformed by how empowering Conscious are. When I was furloughed during the pandemic, I was given a generous training budget and encouraged to take some web language courses (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) to help me grow in my role. After doing these, I found a passion for programming, which Conscious supported me in pursuing by moulding my role around me to free me up to take on a bachelor's degree in Software Engineering.

Tell us about your life outside of Conscious 

I am a Christian, so I love to spend my time reading my bible and understanding more about who God is and how the world works. I love hanging out with family & friends, eating great food and sitting in the sun - in any order but preferably all at the same time! I didn’t always support the legal industry in the way I do presently, in my former life I helped fund it through legal aid as a convicted criminal, but that’s another story for another day (you can see it on my LinkedIn).

“Make a plan, stick to the plan, always deliver” -

Junior, Storks

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