Helping Frettens Become More Successful Online with a New Website

Frettens is a growing medium-sized law firm with six partners and 70 staff in total. They have two offices based in Christchurch and Ringswood. Frettens undertook a website redesign in 2022.

What were your firm’s goals for your website redesign?

Working closely with Conscious, we had moved our marketing strategy to ‘digital-first’ over the last few years, significantly increasing website traffic and revenue that came from it. Most users enter the site organically, through articles and blog posts, with paid social and search campaigns supplementing this. 

The infrastructure of our existing site was ten years old, which meant the user experience could have been better and faster, with a Page Speed score of only 22 out of 100. Additionally, the site needed to be mobile-friendly, and we were unsure how the upcoming Google update would rate the website based on this. 

Effectively, we had an old-school ‘brochure’ site and needed to build something focusing on user experience and conversion. Put simply, we were getting lots of people on to our site but wanted more of them to contact us, and we felt the old design was proving to be a barrier to that. 

The firm had grown significantly and matured since the site was last designed, so also felt the site needed to reflect that. We wanted a more ‘grown up’ feel without altogether ditching the ‘bright and approachable’ messaging.

We had clear criteria for our website, including loading faster, improving usability and navigation, increasing conversions and portraying the brand personality. 

How would you describe the team at Conscious?

  • Collaborative

    Conscious makes it easy to work together by taking the lead when necessary and following our design criteria.

  • Great fit

    Conscious is an excellent fit for us; we get on very well with everyone we speak to. We feel that we really speak the same language.

  • Fast

    We were pleased with the quick turnaround, and all deadlines were met. There was never a worry about running over or slipping. The process was very streamlined, and communication was excellent throughout.

What successes have you seen from the campaign?

We have received nothing but positive feedback from clients and staff regarding our new website.

We aimed to see a 10% increase in conversion rates, but we have seen a 35% rise since the new site went live.

The rebuild was completed on time ahead of the Google Algorithm update, which looked upon the new site favourably and has led to a further increase in traffic. These two factors together mean that there have been 75% more form completions compared to the same time last year with the same amount of advertising spend.

Conversion rates from paid search and social media have also increased significantly as a direct result of the redesign of custom landing pages. Before moving to a digital-first marketing strategy, we were getting 4,000 sessions per month, coming from people who already knew about us. Since the site's switch and redesign, we have seen almost 40,000 sessions each month.

Digital marketing now accounts for 50% of all new clients won and 25% of files opened monthly.


  • Almost 40,000 sessions each month

  • 75% more form completions, compared to the same time last year

  • 35% increase in conversion rates

What Frettens said...

The Conscious team were heavily involved in our website redesign from the offset, which meant everyone was on the same page. This helped to keep the project within budget and time constraints. This project was part of a bigger strategy that Conscious has collaborated on with us to drive growth through digital marketing.

Lewis Barr, Marketing and Commercial Director — Frettens

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