Helping AM Skinner Generate new Enquiries with a New Website

Andrew Skinner is the founder and practising solicitor of AM Skinner Solicitors founded in 2019 and based in the Harrogate area. Andrew offers expert legal advice in all areas of international trade law.


What were your firm's goals for your projects?

As a newer firm, AM Skinner Solicitors tasked the Conscious team with showcasing the firm’s expertise to drive new business. What made the case so interesting for our team was the fact that AM Skinner operates in such a niche field of law, and as a new business it was vitally important to manage a tight budget.

The team had to collaborate with Andrew and do extensive research to understand who the businesses and individuals were that were grappling with complicated export laws, and with the seemingly ambiguous nature of the post-Brexit rule book.

Conscious started a PPC campaign for Andrew which led to us rebuilding his website so that it could be better suited to attract and convert web traffic. Concurrently we devised a content strategy that could support the PPC campaign. Conscious also assisted with a website and logo redesign.

What successes have you seen from the campaign?

AM Skinner has seen steady improvement in results over the past year and from a zero base is now seeing 15-20 leads per month because of his new website and PPC campaign.

What are the benefits of a website redesign for your firm?

The obvious benefits from our website redesign was an increase in traffic, but the website is more user-friendly, mobile-friendly, SEO-optimised and reflects the brand as a whole much better now.

How would you describe the team at Conscious?

  • Efficient

    The team get things done right away without me having to chase them.

  • Trustworthy

    When I give the team something to do, or have a question, I am comfortable with the fact that Conscious will get it sorted and give me an honest opinion.

  • Knowledgeable

    They are incredibly experienced in marketing for law firms so I can leave the marketing to Conscious and focus on the law which is what I love.

What AM Skinner said...

Conscious and my account manager Katie Blake have been a major asset to my practice. Katie has really thrived on getting the partnership between us right. Conscious is great at what they do, always on the ball, and things get sorted out straight away. With Conscious managing my website, I know that I can focus on the law and leave the marketing to them without any worries. As the firm continues to grow, I would like to enlist the support and expertise of Conscious Solutions even more.

Andrew Skinner, Founder and Solicitor — AM Skinner

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