The impact of GDPR on your firm's website

The impact of GDPR on your firm's website

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This is a practical guide to GDPR that summarised the legislation but goes on to explain its impact on websites - listing all the things that a website owner or website agency/developer will probably need to address in order to be compliant. You will need to download the PDF but here's a sample"

1    Introduction

2    A Basic Guide to GDPR
2.1    Scope
2.2    Types of Data
2.3    Key Concepts
2.4    Primary Entities
2.5    Consen
2.6    Compliance

3    Impact on Website Design
3.1    Form Submissions is “Personal Data”
3.2    Newsletter Opt-in and Opt-out
3.3    Online Payments
3.4    Registration
3.5    Session Management
3.6    Tracking by Third Party Software
3.7    Google Analytics
3.8    Google Tag Manager
3.9    Right to Access and Right to be Forgotten
3.10  Privacy Notice
3.11  Terms and Conditions
3.12  Contract with your Web Agency/Developer


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