My first six months as a Junior Web Developer at Conscious Solutions

My first six months as a Junior Web Developer at Conscious Solutions

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Only a few months ago, I wrote about my move from Solicitor, to Junior Web Developer at Conscious Solutions, wondering what my new role would involve, and how I would get on with such a significant career change.

I’ve now been at Conscious for over six months and I’m glad to say that I’m still not looking back!

What does my role involve?

As a junior web developer at Conscious, my role involves a mix of building new websites for clients and making updates to existing websites. I’m lucky to be supported by our great team of developers, headed up by Liam, and also work with the wider team here at Conscious, whether that’s reflecting Tracy’s beautiful designs or perhaps working with our client services team to ensure our clients get the most out of their new or updated website.

What am I enjoying in the new role?

Whilst the learning curve has been incredibly steep since I started, the environment at Conscious is very supportive so I have been able to get stuck into my new job without the stress I might have expected to experience from starting out in a new career in my *mumble-mumble* mid-thirties.

I am always given the opportunity to try tasks and have a go at figuring out solutions myself initially, whilst always knowing that help is available if (or, more likely, when) I get stuck.

I am also enjoying the variety of work, with each project throwing up new things to learn and problems to solve. I always enjoyed the problem-solving aspect of my previous job as a solicitor, and it’s nice to have taken that forward into my new role, albeit the solutions tend to involve far fewer words!

What have I learnt?

As well as the day-to-day of learning web development (lots of progress made, significantly more progress still to go!), I have found it very interesting to learn what the rest of the team at Conscious is doing, and how my development work fits into, for example, a wider SEO project. That big picture is something that is hard to get an appreciation for when I was learning the basics at home before starting this job, and I’ve found is one of the huge benefits of ‘learning on the job’. 

More importantly, I’ve learnt that punctuation is as important to developers as it is to lawyers. As a lawyer I heard plenty of stories of a misplaced comma changing the interpretation of a contract and, as I am (repeatedly) learning, a misplaced comma in code is just as much of a headache. I must have known there’d be some transferable skills!

Are you sold?

We’re always looking for the right people to join the team, so find out what opportunities we currently have at Conscious Solutions or meet the rest of the team.