Top Tips for Using LinkedIn as a Lawyer

Top Tips for Using LinkedIn as a Lawyer

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Should lawyers be using LinkedIn I hear you ask? The answer is a resounding YES from me!

LinkedIn now has 810 million members and 57 million registered companies. So, if you or your law firm aren’t currently on LinkedIn, what’s stopping you?  

It’s no secret that LinkedIn has grown in popularity for those looking to network, job hunt, sell their products or services or post updates about their day-to-day working and personal life. Some might say it’s turning into Facebook (I disagree and encourage the use of the word ‘social’ when talking about a social network).  Even if it has become a bit more relaxed since COVID struck, there are still many benefits of using LinkedIn.

You can bet that your competitors are active on LinkedIn, so it is an important part of your firm’s marketing campaign.

What are the benefits of using LinkedIn?

Attract More Clients

By posting about your firm’s services, testimonials, and industry updates on your LinkedIn, you might attract new clients or be recommended by current connections.

Growing Your Personal Brand

Our Social Media Manager Laura Morris suggests that building a personal brand is arguably a better use of your time on LinkedIn than relying on a company page. This can go hand-in-hand with attracting more clients.

Top tips for using LinkedIn as a lawyer

Use a Professional Profile Photo

This is the first thing people look at to ensure you are the person they are looking to connect with. Therefore, you should make sure you use a high-quality photo that is recent and looks like you. If you are taking photos of your employees for their website profile, you could get them to use these.

Set a Cover Photo

Your website cover is a great place to showcase your personality and the services your law firm offers. You can easily make something simple on Canva that uses your brand colours and logo. Your cover photo needs to be in JPG or PNG format, be under 8MB and be 1584x396 pixels.

Write a Compelling Headline

A well-crafted headline is much better than just listing your job title and company. People can find that when scrolling through your profile so instead use this space to showcase your skills and the benefits you can bring to your clients.

Your Profile

Make sure your profile is complete to make it easy for people to find you. You can also showcase your skills, interests, and professional achievements.

Write an Interesting Summary Section

Again, don’t just like your job role and responsibilities in your summary section. Include interest and how your skills relate to getting the best for your clients.

Create a Custom URL

A custom URL looks better and shows you know what you are doing.

How can I build my network on LinkedIn?

Connect with People you Know

After an event, make sure to connect with people you have met. I like to write a list of people I’ve spoken to throughout the evening, so I remember their names. By connecting to them soon after meeting them you’ll hopefully still be fresh in their mind.

Personalise Your Connection Requests

And when you are connecting with people you have met from an event, make sure to personalise your connection request. This could be a reply to something you spoke to them about at the event, a connection you have in common or just a ‘great to meet you at [insert event here]’. If you are not sending them a connection request right away, you should still send a personalised request stating why you want to connect and where they might remember you from.

Join Groups

You can join groups that are relevant to what your law firm does or the interests you have.

How can I build engagement on LinkedIn?

Set Your Own Tone

Show off your personality and create your own brand when posting. This will help keep your posts fresh and interesting. But remember to understand what your audience want from you and how you can benefit them

Tailor Your Content

If you are looking for local work, tailor your posts to talk about local events, news and advice. You could promote and tag people who have a prominent presence in your local area that might

The Rule of 10

By keeping content varied, you’ll keep your audience interested. For every 10 posts you write, only three of them should be about you or your firm.

Even Law Firms Can Have Fun

Avoid legal speak and aim to include some personality in your writing and this will help to keep your posts light, fun and engaging.

Be Authentic

If you are authentic in what you are saying and bringing a new perspective to a topic, you are more likely to get more engagement on a topic.

How often should I be posting on LinkedIn?

There is no exact science to this, but Social Media Manager Laura Morris suggests not committing to a number that you can’t keep up with. Start by putting some time on the same days every week to write a post.

I like to suggest to the Conscious team that spending the last 15 minutes of the day is a good time to connect with anyone they’ve spoken to that day. Or use this time to write a new post. For me, I post anything from 5-10 times a week.

Once you are in a rhythm and know what you’re posting, you can start to increase how often you are posting.

What should I post on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn’s ‘Featured’ Section

This section is where you can pin articles and news stories. It’s one of the first things someone visiting your profile will see so make sure you pin things that are relevant and up to date.

Share Articles from Your Firm’s Blog

Repurposing content from your firm’s blogs or offering an up-to-date perspective on a topic that has been written about is a good way to have regular content on your website and LinkedIn page.

Share Client Testimonials

Testimonials are a great way of showing the expertise and success of your law firm. You can use these on your company page too.

Provide Useful Legal Tips

As a lawyer, you will have a wealth of information to hand that lots of people won’t know. You could share your five top tips for areas of law your firm deals with. You could also get people to submit questions and answer them. Or start a poll asking a question and getting answers and then share the correct piece of information with your followers.

Make sure to refrain from using complex legal jargon in your posts.

Research a Trending Topic and Post Your Thoughts on It

This is a great way to ensure you are sharing up-to-date content. You could look at what is trending on LinkedIn hashtags or share a recent news article on a case or change in legislation or regulations, for example, the recent changes to no-fault divorce.

Post Relatable Stories About Work

You don’t just need to share the professional side of your work as a lawyer. You could also share personal stories, funny images, or work events too so that you can get more of your personality across.

And my six rules to live by when using social media…

  • No posting on LinkedIn after a drink!

  • Remember it’s a private conversation in public

  • Would your mum/dad/child/significant other approve of what you are posting?

  • If you wouldn’t say it to their face in person, don’t say it online

  • Only connect with people who you have met or spoken to (but flex this if you are trying to sell something)

  • Don’t argue online