TrekFest 2015

TrekFest 2015

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I write this on Monday evening. 49 hours after we crossed the finish line at Trekfest 2015.  It was without doubt the hardest physical challenge I've ever done.  Don't get me wrong, I'm one of those lucky middle-aged men (how weird that sounds should be the subject of another post) who has some innate fitness.  I'm a runner (marathon training for October) and don't carry too much extra weight.  I'd done some training (on top of all my running).  My longest training walk was 15 miles and I now know that that was not long enough.

I was in bits when I'd finished.  Left ankle, left big toe, right knee and right hip-flexor were all screaming at me.

Team Conscious were fantastic for the whole day.  From left to right in the first photo below are Andrew Gray, Ollie Boyd, Vaida Zibaite, Bryony Cole (Captain Cole), Zoe Williams and me.  The team were massively supportive of each other and it was just a fantastic team event and one that I'd be keen to repeat (but with more training).

So if you're reading this, get training for next year.  We're going to invite all our customer, partner and supplier companies to join us on the adventure.   I'm even going to get Tilly, my 15 month old chocolate labrador in training for the next year!