Recovering From a Hacked Site

Recovering From a Hacked Site

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Heaven forbid this should happen to you, but more often than not sites get hacked and in order to recover from it, a huge amount of work is involved.  There's great article on the Google Webmaster blog that has two case studies on the process of recovering from a hack  Suffice to say It's pretty complicated even for experienced web developers.

In 2014 our server availability was 99.99% and we served over 6 million page views in January this year.

The security involved in the Conscious Platform and our multi-tenanted architecture therefore makes any kind of hacking pretty hard, not that people don't try mind you  Attempted intrusions into systems are a fact of IT life, they just are.

Andy Osborne on our team monitors the servers using sophisticated tools, 24/7 and we proud that we can insulate our law firm clients from ever having to go through the process in the article.