Online Payments for Solicitors

Online Payments for Solicitors

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When it comes to purchasing products, consumers have been been buying online for quite some time now.

It’s a secure and convenient method of making payment, and now law firms are increasingly using this system to facilitate transactions from their clients by integrating a payment page on their website.

A main issue that many lawyers face is the collection of overdue payments from clients, the chasing-up of those who still owe an amount which takes up too much time. With the possibility of online transactions the process becomes simplified.

The Conscious Platform incorporates BillPay, an integrated module that allows for your clients to enter their credit/debit card information safely and proceed to making payment.

We decided to investigate the rise of online transactions by taking a look at how many of our clients were using this system and whether or not it was proving helpful. 


Why Law Firms Should Accept Online Payments

Upon reviewing this data, it was clear to see that law firms are beginning to embrace this simple and compliant method of getting paid. By accepting multiple forms of payment, you provide clients with various accessible options meaning you are less likely to spend as much time collecting unpaid bills.

Once you have set up a module on your site to begin accepting online transactions, you should consider setting your Practice Management System to automate out emails to your clients with payment reminders, linking them to the section of your site dedicated to taking payment.

To facilitate your clients transaction further, it is now possible to have AutoFill set up on your website so that the clients details are recognised from their first transaction, leaving only the credit/debit card numbers to input. This will increase client satisfaction as well as the speed in which a client pays their bills, since the process will take a few minutes maximum to complete.

For information on how to implement a payment module on your site, please read our BillPay document here.