My First Six Months at Conscious

My First Six Months at Conscious

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I joined the team at Conscious as a Project Manager in January 2022 and will shortly be reaching the 6-month milestone!

Project Management has been a part of my everyday life throughout my career, however, working at Conscious has provided me with the opportunity to develop my skill set in so many areas that I had not yet explored. Although I have some background in Digital Project Management, the world of website development within the legal sector is completely new to me. With the guidance of the knowledgeable Account Managers and highly qualified Development team, I have felt supported whilst acclimatising to running projects, navigating the established internal processes, and learning more about our products & services.

It is always nice to know there is an expert to consult with at any point in a project, who needs Google when you have Liam, Head of Development and Jasmine, Senior Project Manager as your mentors!

My Highlight so far

Work/life balance

I am writing this whilst I sit in my garden listening to birds and absorbing the vitamin D from the glorious sunshine we are having. I will shortly start to action my ‘To Do’ list and continue a normal working day – with my beloved dogs at my side!

Before joining the team at Conscious, I worked in the retail and leisure industry, which meant during lockdown I continued to attend my place of work each day, public-facing. There is nothing wrong with that, however, for me personally, the freedom that Conscious have provided by allowing us the flexibility to work from home regularly (thus forfeiting a commute) has greatly improved my work-life balance.

It has allowed me to redirect that time into doing things that feed my soul. Conscious fully deserves its accreditation with Flexa. At Conscious the motto is ‘’Work is a thing you do, not a place you go’’ and it’s true. The added downtime is invaluable to me, and I am extremely grateful for it. It’s an ongoing highlight!

Another highlight was my work as part of the Green Team here at Conscious. I ran an art competition titled “What does Saving the Environment Mean to You” encouraging the involvement of all colleagues and their young family members. It was so rewarding to see all the entrants’ artworks and share them with everyone.

My favourite thing about working for conscious

The people.

Yes, yes, very cliché, I hear you, and everyone here says it…but what makes the ‘people’ at Conscious is the culture!

It is not uncommon for companies to outline some key habits that they would like practised by their workforce…. what IS uncommon, is for this list to be put into practice, not merely assigned as a ‘’tick-box exercise’’. With (ahem…many) years’ experience working for corporates, I can genuinely say I think Conscious have got this part nailed! Our Culture team have invested their time wisely, to encapsulate what makes Conscious unique and outline values that will keep it that way, whilst still allowing room for growth. The Senior Management team are committed to embodying these behaviours - while team members are empowered by the role that we play in upholding these values too.

My teammates are extremely knowledgeable and professional but that doesn’t make them boring! Overall, I would describe us as a ‘jolly’ workforce. I feel surrounded by laughter, we very rarely get through any Zoom meeting without a few good giggles. This makes starting our day with our morning ‘huddle’ such a pleasure, I never dread that clock hitting 9am.

I am looking forward to many more years of learning and laughter ahead of me!

Want to join the fun?

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