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Green Team

Green Team

The Green Team comprises  Alice (Copywriter), Angela (Web Developer), Bryony (Product & Client Services Manager), Joanna (Digital PR Manager) and Laura (Social Media Manager)  Some of us were having lunch together one day and realised we had a common interest and after a passionate debate about climate change and how hopeless we felt about the state of our planet, the seed of the Green Team was planted! We wanted to form a group in our office who could encourage others to develop better habits and think more about their impact and our impact as a business, on the planet.

Individually we were all aware of the issues of climate change and our over-use of plastic and we were already making small changes in our personal lives. However, with the recent media focus on climate change, the issues were really brought to the forefront for us. We were heartbroken watching programmes such as ‘Blue Planet’, ‘The Secret Life of Landfill’ and more recently ‘Climate Change – The Facts’. We were shocked by the statistics. The UN recently announced that we have just 12 years to keep the earth’s temperature from rising over 1.5C, or we risk a climate catastrophe. 100,000 marine mammals and turtles and 1 million sea birds are killed by marine plastic pollution annually. Last year, 6.8 tonnes of greenhouse gases were emitted into the atmosphere per head of population in the UK.

Although our office is already doing some good things, we realised there were things we could change. Our main aim at the office is to try to encourage better habits in others by raising awareness of the problems we face/create and being a knowledge base for green tips and advice. We want to make positive changes in the office by reducing electricity use, not wasting paper, encouraging good recycling, reducing food waste and reducing the use of single-use plastic. Outside the office, we want to make more positive changes in our local community by using our allocated charity days to take part in beach cleans, planting trees, volunteering at food waste charities, litter picking and more. We welcome anyone to join in with our efforts – even the smallest changes can make a difference.

Our first goal is to raise money to plant trees in Bristol. We held a bake sale in our offices and raised over £170 at that one event! We hope to keep holding events to raise more funds, to plant more trees, to improve our local environment and inevitably the health and wellbeing of the people who enjoy it. More information about where our money is going can be found here: https://www.bristol.gov.uk/museums-parks-sports-culture/treebristol-planting-trees-in-bristol