M+E+M=P in Manchester

M+E+M=P in Manchester

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After the Birmingham workshop was over, it was time to pack up and head for Manchester to give our northern delegates a dose of M+E+M=P.  With Goliath in the boot, Wendy in the passenger seat and a motivational talk from Jeffrey Gitomer on the speakers, we made our way up the country.

That night, the clouds finally snapped and we witnessed a thunderstorm so epic that I learnt the next day had destroyed one of our delegates’ electronics. (If you’re reading, I hope you’re iPhone has since recovered!)

After a good nights sleep, it was time for our third M+E+M=P workshop.

This time, we saw triple the amount of delegates that we had seen the previous day coming through the doors – a handful of Marketing or Business Development Managers, some Partners and a couple of Finance Directors came along to take part and get some new ideas.

This seminar provided insight into the latest technologies and tools,” said Sarah Boustouller, partner at Stephensons Solicitors LLP, “it was great to see budgeting being considered in line with marketing. The key topic is often overlooked.

So overall, the delegates left satisfied and inspired (and freezing cold, from the air con left on ‘Antartica’ mode.)

With the topic of ‘video’ being discussed in my marketing section, I decided to give my recently purchased Klyp a go to prove my own point at the Birmingham and Manchester workshops. For the record, all you need is a smart phone, a tripod and a Klyp to make a perfectly acceptable video to add to your site. Sure, the production value isn’t Oscar-worthy, but it certainly does the job.

Evidence to follow.

Presentations available to download below.