How to use your marketing to build trust with your clients

How to use your marketing to build trust with your clients

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If you’ve been to one of David’s webinars, you will have heard the ‘know, like, trust’ mantra which states that clients must know you, like you and trust you to do business with you. Therefore, it’s important to show your clients what they know about your firm and how they can trust you.

It’s easy to get potential clients to know who your firm is, and it’s their decision whether they like you or not, but trust can be a difficult thing to develop and an easy thing to break. To build a strong relationship with a client where they trust you, you need to show the personable side to your firm and make them feel comfortable with you.

In this article, we discuss top tips for gaining trust from your clients and how your marketing efforts can support with building trust.

1. Build credibility

Credibility refers to clients believing your firm has the knowledge, skills, and expertise to deliver the services they are enquiring about. With credibility comes trust.

You can demonstrate your credibility by showing the experience and professional development of your team and firm, this could be shown on your website. You can also build credibility by showing potential clients the quality of your work, for this, you could add case studies to your website and social media. Obviously, ensure to keep the details of your cases anonymous and respect your clients' wishes.

Another way to build credibility is by sharing your knowledge and offering value to potential clients. This can be demonstrated through your website on your FAQs page, blog posts, newsletter and lawyer's personal LinkedIn profiles.

2. Show reliability

Reliability is a great way to build trust with your clients as it shows that you will fulfil their needs. To show reliability you can add case studies and testimonials to your website. Although, it’s important to be aware that clients will expect you to broadcast the positive stories, so they might want to look up your phone on Google Reviews or Review Solicitors too.

3. Create intimacy

Intimacy is a great way to build a relationship with clients that can lead to trust. Intimacy can be in the form of three levels – where your client feels safe sharing information, where they feel comfortable sharing things about themselves and being able to share things that are risky to them. All levels are important to getting the best for your client as you are likely to know the full story and won’t be surprised by any information that comes to light.

To develop intimacy with clients, you could engage with the client on a personal level This could be through sharing information about your team on social media, personable meet the team pages and showing off your firm’s personality through your website through brand colours, values etc.

4. Be reachable

Being reachable is a great way to show your firm is reliable. When a client contacts you with an issue or problem, they are usually expecting an instant response to their worries to put their mind at rest. It obviously isn’t possible for members of your team to be available 24/7, but live chat can work on this on your behalf. Companies such as Moneypenny offer live chat, calls and more for law firms, and this can be a real advantage in building trust.

You can also use social media to respond to clients with quick queries, questions, or advice. Providing exemplary customer service and showing that your firm is readily accessible are great ways to build trust and leave a lasting positive impression in potential clients’ minds.

5. Ask for and act on feedback

As previously mentioned, showing case studies and testimonials is one step to show your credibility, but potential clients aren’t going to take your word for it. They are likely to research your firm on other platforms to see if you are worth talking to and can fulfil their needs.

Therefore, it’s important that your firm is responding to all reviews and feedback, whether they are positive or negative and implementing advice where necessary. It's an excellent way to demonstrate that your relationship goes both ways — helping develop trust by letting your customers know you're willing to hear them out.

We recommend using focusing on Google Reviews but there is plenty of review software out there that can be utilised.

6. Be transparent

Transparency is essential for building a relationship with clients that leads to them trusting you. Therefore, it’s important to show you are open and communicate clearly in your marketing. This could be as simple as including your prices, a section for your General Data Production Regulations (GDPR) policies and the process of enlisting your help on your website,

So, our top tips are...

  1. Build credibility by showing your value, knowledge and expertise on your website, newsletter and social media
  2. Show reliability by using testimonials and case studies in your marketing
  3. Create intimacy by showing information about your team on your website and on social media
  4. Be reachable by offering timely responses on social media and through live chat on your website
  5. Ask for and act on feedback to show you take it on board through online review platforms
  6. Be transparent in your marketing

Now know how to build trust with clients using your marketing?

You should now understand how to build trust with your clients using your marketing. But, if you're still not sure where to start, at Conscious, we can support you will all of your marketing efforts to help you build trust with your clients. From social media to a website redesign, our experts have the up-to-date industry knowledge to help you get the best from your marketing.

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